Electrical Storms Can Cause Withdraws

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yesterday I was awakened by a clap of thunder only to have the power slowly fade to black, not a way to start a day. What was it Mom use to tell me? The angels are bowling? Well they must be holding some heavenly marathon because it is still storming. How does one survive in this day and age during an electrical storm?

As I gathered my usual power outage equipment of candles, flashlight, and battery radio a sudden terror struck me. I have no power I cannot make coffee. There are many things in life I can do without but coffee is not one of them.

I was weaned on coffee, right out of the hospital from birth I was fed biscuits and coffee; a breakfast to this day that is one of my favorites. Though as a child it was more milk and sugar than coffee; yes, I was given caffeine as a child. Try that today and you would be up on abuse charges. Panic is setting in, how can I make coffee?

I’ll drive to Super America; I can make it that far. Oh d@*, I have no power. No, I’m not lifting that garage door by hand, only to have to disassemble the power gate opener and then do it all in reverse when I get back. I just love modern conveniences.

I know I’ll pull out the camp stove and coffee pot, what a short-lived ray of hope. As I pulled back the curtains to the patio I could actually feel my heart stop. Not only are the angels bowling they seem to have broken a water line. It was raining way to hard to light and keep lit my little camp stove.

I could feel the withdraw symptoms starting to take hold. Pop, hiss; what is that sound? As I turned around I could see a red glow coming from what was suppose to be a clock; I HAVE POWER again.

After a short, very enthusiastic dance, I ran straight upstairs and made 2 pots of coffee. I put one in the thermos and intravenously fed the other straight in me. Ah, the simple pleasure of a beverage.

Coffees on!

Going UP