It’s Not Raining, I’ll Go Outdoors

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I just wanted to be outdoors and enjoy the NOT raining weather; after all we just received ten inches of rain in two days. What I got was sore muscles and an adventure.

As I began my outdoor adventure the first order was to even reach the outdoors. My furry friends for whatever reason feel it is a timed event to reach the door first and the green flag is my working ball cap. Yesterday I made it to the hall before they realized I was wearing the cap. BOOM, the hat; get out of our way, we know where the door is and so the adventure begins.

I had planned on planting some tomato plants, trimming some extra limbs and cleaning out the bed of my truck but my furry friends had other intentions. I think they joined forces and decided they would run interference for any task I under took.

We began by trying to plant tomato plants at the back of the yard; my girls love the other end of the yard. As I began to turn the earth and break the soil brightly colored balls distracted me. Every time I would turn a chunk of soil a ball was proudly placed in the newly unearthed spot. I don’t know whether it was the spade or the ball throwing that made my arms sore.

We moved on to trimming stray limbs. As I retrieve the telescoping tree tool, all 3 friends became very interested and began circling me with wonder. As I extended the tool one friend ran away, one paid no never mind and my smallest looked at me like, “I will bite it if you want me to.” I assured her it was okay but I do not think she believed me. Every limb I cut I had to catch or knock away for she had stationed herself right under where it would fall. Again, more work than necessary.

The last item on our list was to clean the bed of my truck out. This required the water hose; which I knew would be an ordeal, they love the water hose.  As I uncoiled the hose excitement escalated and I knew this too, would be more work than required.

I tried my best to explain it was not a time to play but to no avail. Every time I turned the hose on one of my fiends would try to eat the water spray. Ever tried to use a hose where two hundred pound dogs are trying to eat it? I spent the time yelling “No” and spraying everything but what I was aiming at, including my roommate. We all ended up playing in water. We retreated indoors, all wet.

Though the entire day should not have made me sore, I’m sure the extra activities did. But I would not have it any other way. Pets are so entertaining and never cease to amaze me with their enjoyment of such simple things. We should all take note.

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