Winter Olympics: The Party is Over

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Before the winter Olympics close tonight I would like to reflect on the images these games have left with me. There have been many moments and drama that have brought out a range of emotions from this ex-athlete. I do not get into the glitz and glamour of the competition but rather the competition its self, so let me reflect.

I would like to start with a few things I did like about these games, first and for most Canada. I have never been there, have always wanted to go and after seeing these people's spirit, I honestly feel now it is a must. They have taken the heat for everything from mechanical glitches to the weather and held their heads high. Kudos for the attitude, we could all learn a lesson from this.


Senate Filibuster: Don't Blame It On Kentucky

Friday, February 26, 2010

Today I feel very sad to admit I'm from the good state of Kentucky. For today one of our distinguished elected officials took it upon his own shoulders to filibuster the senate, a filibuster that proceeded to put 5 million Americans livelihood in peril. As if the filibuster was not enough, he then had the audacity to complain his filibuster took so long he missed the UK, South Carolina game. That really says a lot for the state of Kentucky's elected officials priorities.

This filibuster came from an elected official whom is retiring and has no intent of being there to repair any damage he may cause to his state or the nation. This coming from a gentleman whom had a mere 7, count them, 7 floor comments for the entire year of 2009. I do wonder about the same question this senator is pondering; how do we pay for all the aid the US is dishing out? Was this same question not on his mind in 2009 and if so why did he hold his tongue until 2010? If money is an issue then why he is opting to only chime in on this one issue? If money is the issue, then why is he only choosing to filibuster spending for Americans, why not filibuster the money going out of the country?


Adversity: Alice in Wonderland Carried No Luggage

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Adversity" as defined in the Oxford dictionary: misfortune, woe, affliction, negative, trouble, hard times and tribulation. I enter this definition as a starting point to what is true and what is not. So many times in our lives we are challenged with adversity, the negative, the hard times and way to often, the tribulations. But one has still to remember that for every negative there lays a positive.

When we look at the mere definition of just one word and not place that word into any context, can we truly understand the meaning? It is like looking in a mirror from the far left or right, you tend to see what is being reflected from a skewed vantage point, not what is being reflected from the other angles. This what I mean when I say context. Now replace the word adversity with any situation in your life that fits the definition and image you are seeing the situation from the ceiling not from where you enter the room. Things tend to look a little different when you remove yourself from the normal angle and replace it with an entirely new vantage point.


Canadian Duo Win Ice Dancing Gold; What Did America Do?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Canadian pair competing in ice dancing won the gold last night and all of Canada broke out in joy. Boats in the harbor blew their horns, people in bars cheered and all across the Olympic village Canadians began singing their national anthem; as how it should be.

The Canadians are in the middle of the pack, medal wise, still they find pride in that maple leaf and applaud for anyone wearing it. Is this not a lesson for us all? I understand their social programs and their governmental issues leave a lot of them as upset as ours do us, yet they take pride in that maple leaf and continue to cheer it home. My observation was simple; could you imagine this happening here in the USA today?


Olympics: You Call It Flash Mob, I Call It A Reason To Dance

Monday, February 22, 2010

Okay I know I'm over 50, I know I'm suppose to be responsible, I know I'm suppose to be grown up and set an example for young people; however. I just love the idea of "Flash Mobs." The concept of gathering as many people as you can in the middle of some town, at a certain time and then dancing for a cause, just blows me away. From Ellen to Oprah the promotion of dance is everywhere.

For those of you whom have no idea what I am talking about let me explain. The concept goes like this; plan a simple dance routine, pick a time and place, put it out on a social network or two, invite all your friends, show up at the scheduled time and place, then dance. Hopefully those around will also join in. The flash mob is such a simple concept that can reap huge rewards to both organizer and percipient.

I grew up in the disco era and dance was all the rage, had I had this option I probably would not have worried about getting into bars to dance. I would have just gone around joining flash mobs. It would have been a much better use of my time.


Tiger Woods: Forgive A Role Model

Saturday, February 20, 2010

As many of you know I am an avid newsreader, of all kinds. Yesterday and today the trend on opinion polls has been to ask 4 of 5 possible questions on one topic. I will not give the topic credibility by mentioning any names; lets just say it is golf related. Surely those poll generators could have found something far more news worthy to have an opinion on. Perhaps we have all been scooped in by the news media making us believe this is a news story so their job, real news, can be put to the back burner.

I apologize, but a man who sleeps with more than one woman while married to another is just not news to me. I challenge you to tell me when in history this has NOT happened? This offense has been going on for centuries now, however in the twentieth century it has become news worthy. So, I ask you; is it the actually the dirty deeds of this man or the fact of whom this man is?

If in fact, we are appalled by the dirty deeds this man carried out I can see the interest, somewhat. It still remains to be seen why this is news worthy. It is however you look at it; wrong, mean, not politically correct, unmoral, and just out right cheating. It is the breaking of a vow some Americans are fighting just to have the right to take. If they want me to forgive, it is not I who has to forgive. That is between him, her and his higher being. But I do not play with cheaters.

Now, if in fact, we are appalled because of whom the man is, well then perhaps we ought to choose our role models a little more carefully. This is not the first so called role model to fall out of grace in the recent past, which leads me to believe we truly do not look at the person before we declare them role model worthy. This some how seems like we have lowered our standards. It should take more than good looks, high stats, mega dollar endorsement deals, and gold medals to become a role model.

My role model has to be honest, caring, descant, willing to help the helpless, never forgets where they came from, believe in right and wrong, saves the day, wears a cool uniform and is always there. Bring back Cookie Monster!


Karma: The Universe Has Its Reasons

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ever had one of those days when no matter what you did or tried to do the results was never quite what you had expected. An example, when you wake to have that morning cup of coffee, reach for the cream only to have to it spill all over the counter and then later during your morning commute it proceeds to dribble down the front of your white shirt. When you finally arrive at work, sit your coffee down, go to take your coat off, and then proceed to spill that same cup of coffee all over your keyboard. This is what I call karmic intervention and it seems to take 24 hours for the intervention to run it course.

At times it is as though the universe is trying to tell us something, slow down, watch out, be quite or maybe just do you hear me. Whatever the case, after starting my day in an effort to perform normal routine activities, I ended up having a morning where the karmic universe must have been trying to beat me on the head. If I tried to clean, the universe made sure it got dirty; if I tried to pick up something, the universe split it; if I tried to organize, the universe put everything out of order and deleted the wrong thing.

It is beyond me why but I only have 6 more hours to obey the universe, for which I will abide. For what ever reason the universe only needs that one-day of intervention to mess with your soul. Today it got my attention quite early so I stopped and paused for a moment. The universe was trying to tell me something and I was sure it was saying do not climb the step ladder, it is a short fall but it will hurt. I fooled it, I did a very off balance, hopping dance but I did not fall. I recall hearing it say, "no you didn't, you split that entire bucket," I just laughed I had to mop anyway. Then I had the vision of myself with an Afro because I went against the universe for the third time and tried to fix the electrical switch I'd needed to repair, I thought better of that idea. I decided I was doing more damage than good no matter how funny it was and just stopped fighting it.

Besides I had heard from the universe for most of the morning, I decided to just let the universe have its day. After all it had given me plenty to laugh at during the morning, my own fallacies were quit comical. We all need to just pause at times and hear those voices we rarely notice, to slow down and concentrate on what we normally over look. Today was that day. The universe gave me no choice but to pause, listen, look, and laugh.
I think the latter was the point, laugh.


Texas Crash: Was The I.R.S. Really To Blame

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What exactly are we trying to say with the current state of our society? A child kills a parent for money, a parent kills a child over money and man kills his whole family because of money. Does murder really equate to dollars in the bank?

I understand the condition of the current economic recession, but does little or no pay give anyone the right to throw humanity out the window? I cannot imagine being so starved for cash or desire some materialistic object so bad that I would stoop to take another life. Has the modern age of gadgetry taken us to a point of no return? The Jones are they really that far ahead? Has the government and how it operates really changed that much?


Middle Aged Women: What Really Do They Wear?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh good, the mail has come; two bills, fifteen pounds of advertisements and 2 magazines. Well, I deserve a break so I think I might browse the magazines. Both being women's magazines, full of make-up, diets, how to attract a male articles and clothing. That is when the sign exited my throat. Why is it men's clothing is so stylish and color coordinated while women's clothing is blah and style-less?

I have noticed for some time now women really have no choice in clothing. You either dress like your grandmother or you get shrink wrapped into clothing meant for someone half your age. It appears there are no middle aged women in this country, they either are to young to worry about professional attire and class or they are to old to worry about attire or class. Having clothing look like my drier decided to retaliate against me is not appealing attire, nor is wearing clothing that looks like pull-ups with long legs and no pockets. I'm looking for style, I'm looking for class and not in boring colors.


The Longer Awaited New Look Unvailed

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

As you can tell by now, another major renovation has occurred. Sorry it took so long and I hope it does not confuse any of my few readers. I'm still "Trying to Get Over The Rainbow," I just wanted to do it in color and not wait until I reach Oz.

This look is not as cold of a look to me and hopefully you will find it more pleasing to look at while you read. I do have a new header image to incorporate but I'll give it a day or two. Please let me know what you think of the new look and give me comments. What do you like; what do you not like? It all has merit.

Until tomorrow


Unemployed: Top Five Things I Wish Would Happen To My Ex-Employer

Monday, February 15, 2010

My dear friends, I find myself still unemployed; no surprise huh? However, this time, I find it difficult to curb the "I'll get even" thought every time someone brings up their name. Sometimes I find myself just wishing I'd said something, any thing, the day they let me go. A lass, I did not.

Lately I have been indulging myself in fantasy in order to find humor in the situation and to relieve myself of the revenge emotion; I'm going to dream up a list. I did, I'm finished and below are the top five things I dream would happen to my ex-employer:

  1. Someone would call in a fire alarm, hide across the street with a paint ball gun and one by one paint them PINK.
  2. Hire them anonymously to design a modern, clean line, out house. Then tell them it was not what they were looking for and it had no design. I'd say not pay them but people already do that, thus being unemployed.
  3. Have their cars towed to another city.
  4. Fill their web site with Strawberry shortcake.
  5. Take an ad out on Craigs list for bull sh** wanted, top price paid and list their phone number as the contact.
Just a small, little list filled with fantasy and I'm sure you could add a few things for me. This is as close as I'll get to actual revenge and with this I'll let it go. But if you have an idea leave me a comment.


Significant Others: Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Significant others; we all have one or should. Today is the day we pay homage to them. To express to them all the emotions they bestow in us, to say all the words we do not say, and to show them exactly who we are with them in our lives.

Now, there are people who say they can exist by them selves; but do they? I mean how do you feel anger when there is no one there to leave the cap off the tooth paste tube? How do you feel joy when there is no one there to make you happy? How do you feel remorse when then there is no one there to say you are sorry to? How do you love when there is no one there to love?


Sledding Death at Winter Olympics

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Okay, my first Olympic impression was not what I had planned on it being. I had settled in all prepared to rate, laugh and generally enjoy the opening of the games; but nooooooooo! This was not to be.

Right off the bat they had to ruin my entire evening with the sledding death. Not because I'm a softy or anything, but because they had to run the video of the actual wreck. I understand the need this generation has with the visual for everything but running that video was just in BAD TASTE!

Imagine your mother being way across the world, all full of pride, wanting you to do well, and bragging to all her friends; when the video of you crashing to your death comes on the television. I'm sorry but I would not want my mother to have to watch that before she was ready. They could have waited a few days; we did not even know the video existed.

Besides, what idiot designer put steel columns 10 foot on center, 2 feet from the track, with no safety barrier? I know they are saying it was the sledder who lost control but still the track was poorly designed. I do not think I have ever watched a sledding event where there was not at least one wreck. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

Sorry for the sober thought, the whole thing just hit me the wrong way.


Reasons To Watch The Winter Olympics

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ah, the winter Olympics start tonight. At least with the winter Olympics you do not have those obscure events like synchronized swimming or that ribbon gymnastics thing. In fact the only winter event I do not get into is curling. What exactly do you get from participating in curling?


Dictionary or Spell Check; You Decide

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What ever happen to the dictionary? No, not spell check, but the actual printed version of all words in our language. The book we use to receive right before we were given a full blown bookcase of encyclopedias. Did it go out of print?

I am not talking about grammar, I'm talking about normal spelling of words. I can remember growing up, I was the world's worst at spelling. I even lost my prized bicycle for 2 weeks because I got caught cheating on a spelling test. To this day I have trouble spelling the month February. But I was always instructed, "look it up in the dictionary." It became a habit.


It is Not Nice To Complain

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So you want to complain about all the snow and cold we have been receiving this year. You would like for spring to be here tomorrow. Well, this is what Mother Nature usually plans next for us...
Be very careful when you complain to Mother Nature.


I know I'll have a Bear of a Hangover!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This is just how I feel today!


Paranormal Activity: Real or Just a Party

Monday, February 8, 2010

I, like everyone else I know, watch at least one paranormal show a week.While watching the other night I had this thought; where have all these ghosts been? I mean, 5 years ago you never heard of paranormal activity, nor haunted places. We had the typical folk lore and camp fire tales we all told in eerie situations; but nothing like what we supposedly have now. Now, every town in America has a ghost or haunted venue. So again I ask you, where have all the ghosts been?

My thought is that there has been a paranormal party going on we knew nothing about. I mean why else would it take them so long to talk to us, partying is serious business. So why talk to us now? Perhaps the party ran out of beer and what they are really saying is; "more bud." Perhaps they had one to many and are asking us to call a supernatural taxi. Perhaps they are not talking at all; maybe it is paranormal karaoke and because they are drinking it just got out of hand.


Top Ten Reasons Why I Do Not Watch Reality TV

Friday, February 5, 2010

It is all the craze; everyone is watching, talking about, scheduling around, their favorite reality show. We have all sorts of reality on television now, on about every subject imaginable and still I ask, "What is it with these shows?" I guess I am truly missing the point, I can not find the point. Here I provide a list of reasons why I do not watch reality TV.

  1. I do not care how bad you dress. Your a grown up, deal with it. Can you not tell that does not match? Get a mirror.
  2. Why would I watch someone exercise to lose weight when I am at home, sitting on the couch, eating candy. Makes me feel bad.
  3. I do not care how many kids you have, nor do I care that they are brats and need intervention. Just give me a litter of puppies.
  4. Do I really care what type of house your buying and where? Well, I'm not a thief, so I think not.
  5. Logging is a job. Now, I am unemployed but this would not be my first choice in a career change.
  6. Dating is not a sport, therefore, I do not want to watch.
  7. My house is not clean and it's not on television. Thank goodness!
  8. Makeovers, I have seen Joan Rivers, need I say more and don't get me started on "The Donald."
  9. Cops and bounty hunters, fine line. Combine these two and then I'd only have one show to dodge. Besides I know several cops, they are not that entertaining. Unless they are drunk and trying to help get your keys out of your car.
  10. And finally...watching people sing off key and not able to carry a tune hurts my dogs ears. This could cause PETA to come after me; no thanks.
I hope my reasoning makes sense. Simply put; entertain me.



Thursday, February 4, 2010

I do try to be humorous most of the time but sometimes I just have a serious moment and have to let it go. So for this entry I need a serious moment. My fellow Americans; where are we going? Do we even remember where we have been or what we have went through?

To me it looks scary growing old in this country. I see the future generation getting fat and lazy because they do not know how to play, they can not make change and their idea of the three "R's" is found on Google or not at all. I see my grandmothers saving being bleed dry just to survive because the cost of being old today is just astronomical. I see people who have a valid education but still can find no job. I see people having to choose between heat and food; I see no "can do" spirit at all remaining in this country. What happen?



AT LAST! I have, for now, completed the new look. I know it is going to be confusing and to ease the pain I will be implementing the changes in stages. As you can notice the Header was the first change.

I have tried very hard to come up with a new look that fits me. Art has always been close to my heart, thus the paint theme. I have more things to incorporate but do not want to do everything at once.

The remaining changes will follow but as to the order I'm not sure. Thanks for understanding and I will apologize now for any confusion that this may cause.

I would love to have feed back on the new look.  So leave a comment and tell me what you think.


Toyota Recall

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In the morning, while waking up, I like to treat myself to a cup of coffee and the morning news.Today I was enjoying my treat when the news caster started to inform people on how and when to take their Toyota vehicle in for this major recall repair. That is when  I had the most bizarre thought.

Should we all stay at home when the repairs start? I mean think about it, you have a lot of Toyota vehicles in your area, all heading to your local dealer, all with the same defect; the car suddenly wants to go fast. What are the odds that several of these vehicles will suddenly have this defect occur while driving to be repaired?

I can see the headlines now "20 car pile up in Toyota dealership parking lot," or "woman stuck on the circle waiting for her car to run out of gas." The thoughts made me laugh and for some weird reason I could actually visualize this occurring.

So here I have developed a game plan for running errands today:

  • If I see a Toyota vehicle in my rear view mirror, I'm going to get in the fast lane. Toyota drivers have been told to get on the shoulder put it in neutral and then apply the brakes.
  • If I see one on either side of me, I'm going to lay back and stay out it's way. Let them have all the room they need to run in front of me. My American made truck was not meant for drag racing.
  • Should I see one while in a parking lot, I will hurry to position some other poor vehicle between myself and the approaching Toyota. I pray it will not notice me.
That is my game plan for today's outing, so we will see how it works. Please let me say before closing this is my humorous side, no slight is intended toward those who have experienced this situation first hand. Merely my warped mind trying to find a laugh first thing in the morning.


Going UP