Can I Call it a Walk-About?

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Aussie’s call it a walk-about, some call it soul searching, whatever I’ve been there. I awoke one morning needing to change my life and I just walked out, metaphorically speaking. Its funny how you try to take the bull by the horns only to have to the horns come off in your hands but that’s another post, my walk-about.

One morning I just took out walking to feel the cadence of one foot in front of the other. A step at a time I was walking in the realm of my own possibilities. I lost all track of distance and time, night fell and with all that walking I was parched; great a bar.

Did not think twice, walked right in and my arm went instantly into the, “I’m here, need a drink” motion. I didn’t even look at the bar keep, “Shot of tequila, in fact make it two” I muttered. He said something about the salt being in front of me and asked if I wanted a lemon? To which I replied, “Do I look like a sissy drinker, just the shots please.”


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