Snow, Snow, Snow

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well, today looks like a manual labor day. I awoke to about 4 inches of snow on the ground and it is still coming down. In order to get out I'll have to shovel the driveway and I do have to get out. Though my girls love the idea because I'm out with them. If it is going to be cold then let it snow. The funny thing is...

They are calling this a major snow storm; 4 inches and it is major. I guess a man did the measuring and then deemed 4 inches major. If size does matter then 4 inches seems insignificant. I wonder what they will call it when there really is a bad snow (above 6")? Weather does seem to freak people out or at least it does here in Kentucky.

Time is short for shoveling so for now I'd better run.


New Color Scheme and Furry Friends

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I first need to apologize to the few readers I have; I've been working on a new look for the blog space here and time just keeps getting away from. Hence; skipping days between posts, sorry. I hope to have the new look up soon, so do not freak if you stop one day and everything looks different. I have been working on a true rainbow color scheme so it will not be as static looking and be a little more pleasing to scroll through. But, about blogging.

Today has been a nightmare of a day. I spent 3 hours fixing my virus software, of which I ended up just uninstalling and re-installing the thing to get it working again. Then I spent 2 hours tweaking the code for the blog, which I ended up giving up on. Next, I spent 3 hours working on a new header design, of which, I never became happy with. All in all, the day feels like I spent it putting band aids on things. But to keep me sane....

I always have 3 pairs of eyes on me, that in a moments notice will be more than happy to give me attention. Again, my furry family members come to the rescue. Laying a head on my knee, putting a ball in my lap, pushing my chair away from the desk or just bouncing in my direction to make me smile. They love to make me smile.

If you do not have a pet, I highly recommend you get one. I have had a vast assortment of them in my life and can not think of one that did not make me smile. All they need is love and in return they bestow upon you many hours of pleasure. So to my furry family members I say thank you for all the distractions. Now, lets go find a treat.


Winter Attire and Feeling Cold

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I do not know about you, but here it has turned cold again. Don't get me wrong, I love all the seasons. But at what age we start to feel the cold, I'm not sure. As a child I do not remember feeling cold like I do now.

I remember playing outside in the cold, snow, rain, what ever, mother nature threw at us and never feeling the need to shiver my teeth out. I do know, we wore strange outfits of some plastic blend from head to toe. We were told it was to protect us from the elements. Then, on top of the this, there were all those funky extras your mother insist you wear as even further protection from the cold.

You know, the mittens you could not pick a thing up with and always came in some demented color or pattern that belonged to some drug test pattern screen. You always found yourself asking, "why couldn't I just have a pair of gloves?" The scarf, that nearly always got you hung because it would not stay tucked inside your plastic body suit. The strange full face ski mask, that after you breathed through it awhile, froze to your face. All of which got discarded the moment you got out of moms sight and yet, I do not remember feeling cold.

Now, I find myself asking; "what demented add-on can I use to stay warm?" Where are my mittens and scarf? Do those silver astronaut socks really work? How many feet warmers can I use at one time?  Does that come with a double fleece lining? "I am not drunk, that is self induced heat!"

So many questions and to date no real solution. Whatever it is that causes us to realize cold later in life, just intensifies. Maybe the next genetic engineering project should be to solve this situation and warm my FEET!


Sex Addiction and my Grandmother

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My blogging for today will be based on a phone conversation I had this morning with my 91 year old grandmother. Every Sunday morning I call her around 9am so we can catch up on everything which has transpired during the night. I choose 9am because "Sunday Morning" is on and the shows topics give us something to discuss when her memory won't allow her to come up with stimulating conversation on her own. This Sunday morning the first topic was "Sex Addiction." How lucky can I be?

Now, sex addiction is not a topic I would have ever dreamed of having a conversation with my Grandmother about for several reasons. The first being she has a plant she merely calls the "boy" plant and she only likes it when it is not blooming. Apparently, when it blooms the bloom reminds her of a little boys tool. The second reason would be she grew up in the depression when morals were written and taught and ones sex life was never talked about. But here we were anyway, having the conversation.

The first thing out of her mouth was "this sex addiction, what are they talking about?" I tried to explain that people are trying to say they can not be faithful because they are addicted to sex or that lately if a cheating husband got caught they suddenly have an addiction to sex, but she was having nothing to do with it.

"oh poo," she would say, "that is just an excuse, they just are weak." She would go on to explain that good men have to be strong and not give into that sort of temptation. If they were really in love, it would not even be a temptation. "My husband never cheated on me or at least I do not think he did. He did however, go out visiting a lot for church." With her little giggle voice she then explained; "I guess that is why they had them go in pairs." Her logic astounded me.


State of the Union

Friday, January 22, 2010

Just another quick thought for the afternoon. Wouldn't it be nice if for the President's state of the Union message it was as follow:

"My fellow Americans, the state of the union sucks. Good night."

I wish! Instead we will have to sit through an hour long, very wordy speech, saying exactly the same thing. They wonder why we don't understand the health care bill.


Top Ten Phone Call Peeves

Blogging has become an addiction for me; everything I see or do is now a potential topic. Today is no different in that I have already seen or heard several things to blog about. The topic that keeps popping to mind are my top ten peeves about phone etiquette.

There are people out in this world that make way too many assumptions about what you really had planned for your day. That a two hour phone conversation would be well within your schedule. After all, you are unemployed and have nothing to do but talk on the phone. WRONG!

I have created my current top ten list of things I hate about some phone calls. This list is meant as an educational tool, a guide if you will; to think about the next time you pick up the phone to call someone.

Top ten pet peeves about phone calls:

  1. When I say I'm not doing anything it is a metaphor, I really have stuff to do.
  2. When I say I have to go, this is not a 30 minute count down.
  3. No I am not watching the same TV channel and no I did not nor do I want to see that.
  4. Speaker phones were not invented so I can hear the bar band.
  5. If you called me and have to take another two hour call; say goodbye.
  6. I can not see things over the phone, Skype me.
  7. Just like your mouth, cover the receiver when you cough, hack or make other unconditional responses.
  8. If you are my city; yes the weather, time and amount of day light are the same.
  9. Please tell me, you do know the difference between the remote and the phone. and finally.....
  10. I can hear your preforming rude bodily functions. (hit the mute button)
I hope this small list clears up any confusion about what the other person is going through when you place a call. I realize it is important to stay connected but my hair realizes the same thing; at times I just want to pull it out. Feel free to post any additional pet peeves you may have.

Remember, find the partly sunny side of your day.


Domestic Duties

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yesterday I did not get to post because I was engaged with domestic duties. You know those weekly adventures you must embark upon to ensure the humanity of your daily routine, food, water, shelter. My adventures of the day were of the food nature and took me to several weekly amusement centers; the grocery store, the pet store and of course, the liquor store.

My first stop was that of the grocery store and once again it had to be raining. Upon arriving in the parking lot, I was pleased to see it some what empty of vehicles from other adventures. When the parking lot is crowded and you do not come prepared with list and escape route in hand, the store is any thing but amusing. Today I was lucky and entered the building some what relieved.


Furry Children Can Be a Distraction

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yesterday and today I have spent time trying to get this blog noticed or at least out there for more than my family to find. I began to read numerous articles on marketing, keywords, content, appearance and what service is right for you. What I accomplished, was to have a the sinking feeling I still have SO much to learn. Suddenly, my family decided to break the dull reading stupor I seem to be in.

My furry family members began to distract and vocalize their disapproval all the time I was spending in front of the small, bright thing they are not allowed near. The smallest of the bunch insists I need to throw her ball and not just for a minute. She needs it thrown over and over again. I now know where the ever-ready bunny came from; the person who came up with this idea had to own a terrier.

My oldest and alpha child insists there is something in the front yard and that I should go check it out. Of course there is nothing but a small squirrel peering in from the oak tree. I guess that was it, because I received kudos for checking it out; along with her special "grab your partner and dosey dough" dance she does. Though checking out her cadence makes my third child come to life and equal attention is required.

My third child or the gentle giant as we call her proceeds to involve me in a simple game of pat me here, now. She requires attention of the contact kind, a simple good girl hardly even is enough to calm her what she has risen from her pillow. So I oblige her with belly rubbing and head strokes.

The pack began to settled back down and peace and quite returned; now, where was I?

Content with distractions



The Journey Continues

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh, the journey gets more interesting. As most have now noticed there are no longer advertisements on my blog page. I unknowingly broke Google's  rules and without even an email questionnaire regarding the matter they took them off the blog. Of which I really have no problem with, I just find it strange that the morning I am able to request my first payment, that afternoon I get canned. Oh, well. My blog is not about advertisements anyway; on with blogging.

This journey of life takes us in many directions, along many ups and downs, through many diverse situations, it is up to us to challenge ourselves to rise to the occasion. This is the condition I now find myself in. My resolve is to find something to laugh about every day, this is a coping mechanism we all tend to over look.

We look around to see nothing but bad things going on, we feel the adversities we are trudging through, and we hear nothing but negative and we forget to laugh. By forgetting to laugh we fall victim to the situation. The ying and yang is happening, we merely have to open our eyes to see. We have to re-train our brains to see the sky partly sunny instead of partly cloudy. For every bad action the opposite and equal reaction is good.

So my closing thought is a mere challenge. Try for one day, to look beyond what ever it is that causes you a negative reaction and find a funny or positive aspect to the situation; Laugh! It will happen, you just have to focus.

Here's wishing you a partly sunny day.


Disaster Relief

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I will not start by apologizing for another post on Haiti, but that is what it will be. For the past few days I have been trying to follow the disaster in Haiti and just fathom what it truly must be like. The destruction, the horror, the separation from normalcy, the despair from thinking no one cares. Why should this be?

I understand the destruction, not really a lot you can do about this when you live near a fault line, and the horror goes with the destruction. However, separation from normalcy and the despair these people must be feeling could and should of been taken care of within 48 hours.

The argument is that if food and supplies were to be air dropped in it would have caused a riot; well we now have witnessed 2 major disasters where waiting will cause riots. Any time you push people to a point they think it is every man for himself, they will do what is required to survive. Now would you please educate me on why a UN doctor would abandon his patient because of possible riots and literally walk away? If this is the UN, then they might as well join the Red Cross.  Though I have never heard of the Red Cross abandoning any survivor of a disaster.


Haiti and Emotions

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I wish to blog today about emotions. I started the day with high emotions of the thought of enjoying a lunch with an ex co-worker. Of catching up on where we each had gotten to after being laid off. Our plan was to meet at noon, in a small restaurant; passing the time catching up on the trivial issues we each have at hand. Just being the typical Americans on any given day.

As I sat in my living room waiting for the time to put the girls up, arm the alarm, and venture out for this lunch date; I turned on the news.I began to watch the horrible events unfolding in Haiti. I felt a tinge of emotion at the time but my mind was on the lunch date I was about to embark on. Time passed and I began the routine of leaving the house.


Appearance and Weird News

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

     As most of you can tell the appearance of the blog has changed. In an effort to continue to grow and stay in touch with technology I keep pushing myself to try new things; thus the new look. I will be changing some of the visual content on occasion to keep it fresh and I hope you enjoy it .
     Now for some weird news of the day. I found this headline on the weird news section of, must have been some vindictive, inventive woman; you go girl!
Wife allegedly changes wires on saw to shock hubby
I just thought it funny she elected to use power tools as her revenge. What a way to get a guy back; give him a fear of power tools.
     Then there was this one: Cops: Pa. man steals $50, flees on Walmart scooter - Weird News -
I don't know about you but I've never been able to find a scooter there that even had a charge, let alone think of using it as my get away vehicle. He must have really needed the $50.00. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Enough weirdness for one day. Until later.


Silly Little Thoughts

Monday, January 11, 2010

Thoughts that pass this way..... what a description for my blog. Today I feel like being silly; only because it helps keep my mind off the back pain I am experiencing. Silly little ideas that pass are daily lives that we merely ponder for a second and go on.

Our local weather channel provides the daily pollutant for those allergy sufferers; ever noticed it usually has the major pollutant as "ozone." What exactly does that mean? Is the ozone layer now a pollutant we have to monitor? Today be prepared for to much ozone!

Where did the term purse come from? I understand handbag, but purse? What exactly is a purse and how does it differ from a handbag? Now that we are on that subject; why does the Queen need one at all? She does not need an ID, nor does she need money and you know you are not going to catch her in the ladies room fixing her make-up. So why the bag at all?

Silly thoughts, early morning, maybe more later.


Junk and Neighbors

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What is on my mind today is cold weather, crazy neighbors and the accumulated junk we seem to fill our lives and homes with. It is so cold here, only to have a forecast of even colder, snowy weather ahead. Though if it is going to be cold I would much rather it be snowing. Besides my 3 girls like the snow; which by the way, does not bode well with crazy neighbors.


New Year's Rant

Monday, January 4, 2010

It is the first Monday morning of 2010 and I need to get back into the saddle. Hard to believe it is twenty ten and of course I'm hoping this is my year. I did not want to blog on the typical year end review or about resolutions that by June I could not remember why I even thought about in January. I would however; like to blog about a lesson I learned from in the past year though. That lesson came from being laid off this past year.


Going UP