Silly Little Thoughts

Monday, January 11, 2010

Thoughts that pass this way..... what a description for my blog. Today I feel like being silly; only because it helps keep my mind off the back pain I am experiencing. Silly little ideas that pass are daily lives that we merely ponder for a second and go on.

Our local weather channel provides the daily pollutant for those allergy sufferers; ever noticed it usually has the major pollutant as "ozone." What exactly does that mean? Is the ozone layer now a pollutant we have to monitor? Today be prepared for to much ozone!

Where did the term purse come from? I understand handbag, but purse? What exactly is a purse and how does it differ from a handbag? Now that we are on that subject; why does the Queen need one at all? She does not need an ID, nor does she need money and you know you are not going to catch her in the ladies room fixing her make-up. So why the bag at all?

Silly thoughts, early morning, maybe more later.

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