Domestic Duties

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yesterday I did not get to post because I was engaged with domestic duties. You know those weekly adventures you must embark upon to ensure the humanity of your daily routine, food, water, shelter. My adventures of the day were of the food nature and took me to several weekly amusement centers; the grocery store, the pet store and of course, the liquor store.

My first stop was that of the grocery store and once again it had to be raining. Upon arriving in the parking lot, I was pleased to see it some what empty of vehicles from other adventures. When the parking lot is crowded and you do not come prepared with list and escape route in hand, the store is any thing but amusing. Today I was lucky and entered the building some what relieved.

I grabbed my buggy, found my place in the entry and embarked upon my adventure. The first section of the ride was produce, which I always enjoy; nothing better than fresh veggies and fruit. I buggied up to the veggie section in search of carrots and cauliflower; patiently waiting for the elderly woman in front of me to make her selection. This I could tell was going to be hard for her, so I walked up, said excuse me and picked up a 1 pound bag of carrots. Upon which the woman looked at me with this totally confused smile and uttered "can you please explain is the 2 pound bag 83 cents or is it $1.99?" I explained the 83 cents was for the 1 pound bag when something off to the side caught my eye.

It was her husband, which I assumed she had drug along for a joint adventure, but I was wrong. He was standing off to the side I believe running for some sort of elected office. He was smiling and greeting everyone that walked near, asked about them, shook their hand and smiled as if they had, had a baby he would have kissed it.

It always amazes me that women either bring or send their husbands to the grocery store. Most men I've encountered at the store are like fish out of water. If they are brought as moral support they always look so miserable. Just hanging around wishing the list or aisles would come to an end; which ever comes first would be fine with them. Or as the couple I encountered; the husband making new friends all along the isles, making the best of a bad situation.

If they have to come to the store solo, it is an entirely different affair. You see all these zombie looking men with a basket on one arm and some form of list in the other. Wandering around with this totally overwhelmed gaze like they have seen anything like where they are before. And in true male fashion they will not ask for directions, I'll pass the same gentleman 5 times in 5 different aisles looking for 1 item. It is amazing more men are not reported missing after being sent to the grocery store.

I completed my shopping, entered the self check out aisle and proceeded to check out and bag my purchases. Again, I was pleasantly surprised when the attendant asked "Do you want cash or gas points for using your own bags?"  What a nice incentive for not using plastic, MONEY!

I loaded my bags and off to the pet store I went. The pet store is the tamest of the three rides I had selected for the days outing. I did not take my furry family with me, 3 on 1 are not good odds and besides I was doing more than one thing in the trip. Purchased the needed supplies and off to the last ride; the liquor store.

Now we have a huge liquor store here and I could spend hours in there looking at all the specialty items they sell along with liquor. Today however, I was in search of wine to re-stock our meager wine rack. I do not drink wine, nor do I like the idea of sipping anything; drink, get drunk, fall down that is my motto. I have been told though, that I can select good wine, thus me going to the liquor store.

I enter the store, by pass all the specialty items and head straight for the Pinot Noir and the Zin sections. When you are on a fixed budget it is price, then taste and the real challenge is to find both, but it can be done. I read the review for several different wines, made 5 different selections and headed for the check out. Of course this was where again I was surprised by the clerk.

After greeting me and ringing up my 5 bottles of wine she asked "did you know if you buy 6 bottles you can save an additional 6%?" Well, say no more. I turned around and ran to make another selection for my purchase; after all, you can never have to much wine or so I have been told. So I was now set. I collected my now, box of wine (to many bottles for a bag) and headed for home.

Once home I had to unload the prizes from the days adventure and put them all in their place. This is whole other adventure that may be its own blog post one day. I mean 1 person, 3 dogs and a truck load of goodies can be very entertaining in itself.

For now I am stocked, safe and grateful.

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