Junk and Neighbors

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What is on my mind today is cold weather, crazy neighbors and the accumulated junk we seem to fill our lives and homes with. It is so cold here, only to have a forecast of even colder, snowy weather ahead. Though if it is going to be cold I would much rather it be snowing. Besides my 3 girls like the snow; which by the way, does not bode well with crazy neighbors.

I do not know what my neighbor has done or if the girls just have better sense of people than I do, but they absolutely hate my neighbor. Every time I let the girls out he finds a reason to be out and creates a barking convention at the fence. We had a run in several years ago when I was constructing my shed and our neighborly attitude has never been the same. I honestly believe he thinks he was elected street monitor and to him I am the street hood. But anyone who knows me, knows I am a rebel. Therefore we do not get along; besides he is the strangest old bird I have met. Today he found the need to split wood, I guess due to the snow we are suppose to get. He only has about 3 chords stacked up along his drive way. Anyway, I let the girls out just long enough to run to the fence and scare the peewad out him , call them back in, wait for his rhythm to return and then do it all over. I know shame on me. However, I would like to get to this junk matter.

Now I will admit I'm the worlds worst when it comes to junk and collecting it; but lately I've been reevaluating this matter. Every room in my house has at least 2 boxes I have yet to unpack because I have no where to put what is in it. Most of the boxes contain articles we have collected from elderly relatives being displaced to smaller areas of refuge, some are just what I am writing about JUNK.

At what point in our lives  do we feel the need to retain everything we can? How many photos of the same person do you really need? If you wore it in high school do you really want to wear it 30 years later? These are all questions I am grappling with. It started out so harmlessly, a couple of boxes from my great aunts house and then an explosion or cardboard box sex, I'm really not sure. The JUNK has taken residence and I need to evict some it.

Slowly I have begun to organize this junk by priority; you know, must have, might need, use to love this, what is that? Eventually these piles will be wheedled down by finding there permanent living space, finding a use or just exiting the building.

But the question remains, do we really need all we think we must have? My new resolve is as follows; when it is broke beyond repair, I will replace it. If I have one, I do not need another. If it does not fit, I do not need it or will never use again; I will find someone else to house the item. If I do not have a place for it, I will not take it. Lastly, I will never set 2 cardboard boxes next to each other in the future; thus eliminating temptation.

And that is neighbors and junk.


dunkin4u said, 

Stuff. If you haven't touched it in five years, you won't touch it in the next five years. We think we need stuuf but typically that's all it is, just stuff.

January 8, 2010 at 11:14 AM  
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March 19, 2010 at 8:06 PM  
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