Appearance and Weird News

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

     As most of you can tell the appearance of the blog has changed. In an effort to continue to grow and stay in touch with technology I keep pushing myself to try new things; thus the new look. I will be changing some of the visual content on occasion to keep it fresh and I hope you enjoy it .
     Now for some weird news of the day. I found this headline on the weird news section of, must have been some vindictive, inventive woman; you go girl!
Wife allegedly changes wires on saw to shock hubby
I just thought it funny she elected to use power tools as her revenge. What a way to get a guy back; give him a fear of power tools.
     Then there was this one: Cops: Pa. man steals $50, flees on Walmart scooter - Weird News -
I don't know about you but I've never been able to find a scooter there that even had a charge, let alone think of using it as my get away vehicle. He must have really needed the $50.00. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Enough weirdness for one day. Until later.

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