Furry Children Can Be a Distraction

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yesterday and today I have spent time trying to get this blog noticed or at least out there for more than my family to find. I began to read numerous articles on marketing, keywords, content, appearance and what service is right for you. What I accomplished, was to have a the sinking feeling I still have SO much to learn. Suddenly, my family decided to break the dull reading stupor I seem to be in.

My furry family members began to distract and vocalize their disapproval all the time I was spending in front of the small, bright thing they are not allowed near. The smallest of the bunch insists I need to throw her ball and not just for a minute. She needs it thrown over and over again. I now know where the ever-ready bunny came from; the person who came up with this idea had to own a terrier.

My oldest and alpha child insists there is something in the front yard and that I should go check it out. Of course there is nothing but a small squirrel peering in from the oak tree. I guess that was it, because I received kudos for checking it out; along with her special "grab your partner and dosey dough" dance she does. Though checking out her cadence makes my third child come to life and equal attention is required.

My third child or the gentle giant as we call her proceeds to involve me in a simple game of pat me here, now. She requires attention of the contact kind, a simple good girl hardly even is enough to calm her what she has risen from her pillow. So I oblige her with belly rubbing and head strokes.

The pack began to settled back down and peace and quite returned; now, where was I?

Content with distractions


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