Sex Addiction and my Grandmother

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My blogging for today will be based on a phone conversation I had this morning with my 91 year old grandmother. Every Sunday morning I call her around 9am so we can catch up on everything which has transpired during the night. I choose 9am because "Sunday Morning" is on and the shows topics give us something to discuss when her memory won't allow her to come up with stimulating conversation on her own. This Sunday morning the first topic was "Sex Addiction." How lucky can I be?

Now, sex addiction is not a topic I would have ever dreamed of having a conversation with my Grandmother about for several reasons. The first being she has a plant she merely calls the "boy" plant and she only likes it when it is not blooming. Apparently, when it blooms the bloom reminds her of a little boys tool. The second reason would be she grew up in the depression when morals were written and taught and ones sex life was never talked about. But here we were anyway, having the conversation.

The first thing out of her mouth was "this sex addiction, what are they talking about?" I tried to explain that people are trying to say they can not be faithful because they are addicted to sex or that lately if a cheating husband got caught they suddenly have an addiction to sex, but she was having nothing to do with it.

"oh poo," she would say, "that is just an excuse, they just are weak." She would go on to explain that good men have to be strong and not give into that sort of temptation. If they were really in love, it would not even be a temptation. "My husband never cheated on me or at least I do not think he did. He did however, go out visiting a lot for church." With her little giggle voice she then explained; "I guess that is why they had them go in pairs." Her logic astounded me.

With that, she wanted to know how many chins, the guest now on, really had? He was arguing the point that sex addiction was giving men an easy way out. "He surely does not have this sex addiction" she would state. "Between those chins and that tie, no way; and her, ( the next guest was now arguing) she has chubby legs." With these observations I realized she had moved from addiction, to not getting sex at all based on appearance. I left it alone, she was having a good time dishing; as was I, listening to her. Commercial break.

As quickly as the topic had begun the commercial break had quickly ended it. We moved on to saying are goodbyes, deciding when we would next chat and how we both could be productive today. Then the call ended.

It left me wondering though, why did the guy with the many chins and the lady with chubby legs not have a sex addiction? Was her logic a mere reality, do only pretty people need to have the excuse of "sex addiction?" Or is it the new way of saying, "oops, I got caught."



I was laughing all the way through. Especially knowing your grandmother.

January 25, 2010 at 6:34 PM  
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