Top Ten Phone Call Peeves

Friday, January 22, 2010

Blogging has become an addiction for me; everything I see or do is now a potential topic. Today is no different in that I have already seen or heard several things to blog about. The topic that keeps popping to mind are my top ten peeves about phone etiquette.

There are people out in this world that make way too many assumptions about what you really had planned for your day. That a two hour phone conversation would be well within your schedule. After all, you are unemployed and have nothing to do but talk on the phone. WRONG!

I have created my current top ten list of things I hate about some phone calls. This list is meant as an educational tool, a guide if you will; to think about the next time you pick up the phone to call someone.

Top ten pet peeves about phone calls:

  1. When I say I'm not doing anything it is a metaphor, I really have stuff to do.
  2. When I say I have to go, this is not a 30 minute count down.
  3. No I am not watching the same TV channel and no I did not nor do I want to see that.
  4. Speaker phones were not invented so I can hear the bar band.
  5. If you called me and have to take another two hour call; say goodbye.
  6. I can not see things over the phone, Skype me.
  7. Just like your mouth, cover the receiver when you cough, hack or make other unconditional responses.
  8. If you are my city; yes the weather, time and amount of day light are the same.
  9. Please tell me, you do know the difference between the remote and the phone. and finally.....
  10. I can hear your preforming rude bodily functions. (hit the mute button)
I hope this small list clears up any confusion about what the other person is going through when you place a call. I realize it is important to stay connected but my hair realizes the same thing; at times I just want to pull it out. Feel free to post any additional pet peeves you may have.

Remember, find the partly sunny side of your day.

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