Winter Attire and Feeling Cold

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I do not know about you, but here it has turned cold again. Don't get me wrong, I love all the seasons. But at what age we start to feel the cold, I'm not sure. As a child I do not remember feeling cold like I do now.

I remember playing outside in the cold, snow, rain, what ever, mother nature threw at us and never feeling the need to shiver my teeth out. I do know, we wore strange outfits of some plastic blend from head to toe. We were told it was to protect us from the elements. Then, on top of the this, there were all those funky extras your mother insist you wear as even further protection from the cold.

You know, the mittens you could not pick a thing up with and always came in some demented color or pattern that belonged to some drug test pattern screen. You always found yourself asking, "why couldn't I just have a pair of gloves?" The scarf, that nearly always got you hung because it would not stay tucked inside your plastic body suit. The strange full face ski mask, that after you breathed through it awhile, froze to your face. All of which got discarded the moment you got out of moms sight and yet, I do not remember feeling cold.

Now, I find myself asking; "what demented add-on can I use to stay warm?" Where are my mittens and scarf? Do those silver astronaut socks really work? How many feet warmers can I use at one time?  Does that come with a double fleece lining? "I am not drunk, that is self induced heat!"

So many questions and to date no real solution. Whatever it is that causes us to realize cold later in life, just intensifies. Maybe the next genetic engineering project should be to solve this situation and warm my FEET!

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