Out of Order

Thursday, September 30, 2010

This blog is temporarily Out of Order. Toady’s post is because I have just gone totally brain dead and am in need of maintenance. I achieved only 4 hours of sleep night before last, went all day and then proceeded way into the night. Why?

Why have I been up for 20 hours straight, because my body is having trouble adjusting to this seasonal change? I do the same thing come spring. Can’t sleep, not really awake, just sort of stumbling through the hours. My mind it goes a mile a minute and yet, my body screams, “Sleep.” I think I my body clock will be first on the maintenance list.

Last night I managed to get another 4 hours sleep, hoorah! But first thing this morning the gentleman showed up to re-flash my chimney. This actually was on my maintenance list but with no sleep it is pounding in my head.

Actually, that pounding is on my roof and is totally distracting. No way can I think of insightful words with this noise. Besides the noise resembles fingernails on chalkboard. EH!

I’m reading your blogs and commenting as usual but being prolific will have to wait until this work is done. I may even take a nap if my furry friends will let me. Perhaps a “Day Cap” is in order?

Just wanted to let you know why there is this void in my posts, life. Please come back when the real alarm clock has gone off and my mind is working again.

Until then…Peace and slumber to you.


Magic Shoes

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We all loved "Back to the Future," didn't we? All those cool futuristic gadgets, cars that ran on trash, just a world of imagination, not real. Uh uh! Sometimes things actually do come true.

Okay I was not going to do a post today but this young lady just inspired me! You all know how I love my Grandmother, you know she is 91 and has trouble with so many things we take for granted, just a fact of getting old. I am happy to report there is someone else who feels the same. Except she did something.

The inventor of these laces has a grandmother whom suffers from Parkinson Disease and has trouble tying her shoes, so in steps a grand daughter. I see this as a real marvel for the elderly.

Often they are forced to wear ugly Velcro shoes or must wait until someone helps them just put shoes on. The fact that they are elderly often means they cannot tie things properly and are susceptible to tripping.

I just wanted to share this video, so enjoy. Now I have to figure out how to get my grandmother to wear these magic shoes. I can hear her now, "those are too flashy and what other colors do they come in?" :D

I like the light on the top also. Sort of a shoe night light. Can you imagine all these 90+ people running around in these.....I can!



Monday's Monster

Monday, September 27, 2010

Eye to eye she stood locked with the beast. The surprise encounter had turned to a stalemate; neither felt a need to blink. Tall in stature the creature stood with a sense of arrogance and yet it was curious. “I am not impressed,” it seemed to say, as it lowered its head and gave a snort. She would not flinch. “Why are you so mean?” she demanded.

The creature had scented her out, the snort a sign of unimpressed interest. Now with each breath its nostrils began to ebb and flow. Heavy air hung around them like syrup in the sky; breathing was not easy. “You know I must do this?” she quizzed as the beast just stood its ground.


Sunday Tidbits of Me

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I had not planned a real post today I am truly trying to take a few days off here and there. Besides, I have so many things running amok in my dysfunctional brain today a real post was out of the question. What I do want to share are some interesting tidbits of information.

In case you are interested and want to see more of my fair state, NBC will be broadcasting the FEI or WEG games at noon and I believe this is nationally. For those whom are not in the states I will be composing a photo post of  images of the games for the near future. Keep in mind if you watch the broadcast, this is not the normal appearance of the Kentucky Horse Park. Sort of think of it like when someone visits and you shove the mess in the closet, NBC will not be airing our closet.


So You Asked, Why This Blog Title?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A month or so ago one of my followers asked if I might divulge why I chose this blog title. Since then it has come more than once, so why not? Why not tell you, how and why I came up with this title?

Believe me if I knew then what I know now it would not have been an option. I think you know what I mean, long, starts with “T” and does not match my blog address. Oh well, broke all those rules. How and why then did I come up with that title?


Darkness, Puppet, Mirror, Sponge

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Words and time escape me, some how rearranged me. Leaving me to feel like a motionless puddle of black goo serving no purpose at all. Everyday I search, seeking only to stop the never-ending spin of the vortex I now ride. I am conquering darkness.

Smiles and laughter are void, not by design are they there. Like face paint from a clown, I wear this smile. Distorted and disguised I muster up not my voice, and yet I hear a laugh. I am a puppet.

Images of beauty do not move me, numb I am to sight. Grappling in the darkness I hide behind my rainbow. I desire to feel the warm of red. Still I put before you these images of beauty. I am a mirror.

Expanding, absorbing I gather pain. An emotional bottomless pit I take in what has been cast out. I throw out self-regard; please do not empty what I now hold. I choose to be a sponge.

All these things I am and then I am not. You are all these things and then you are not.

There are hidden darkness warriors, make believe puppets dancing pretty on strings, imaginary mirrors reflecting beauty we cannot see and then the absorber, the sponge.

I am a sponge. Absorbing and expanding, seeing all that is thrown out. This is my synopsis of expansion and all that I absorbed this week.

Before you pass up that simple interaction or that post you just read look closer. Which describes what has been presented? Let them know, honestly, allow your self to absorb. Show someone today you can be his or her sponge.

Peace my friends


Wednesday's World Solution: Come on Hear Me Out

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yesterday I know, I went on a tangent about those lovely FEI games and my community. Which at your request, will do my best to get some good photos of the chaos I chose to attend. A friend of mine is performing one night so I know that night for sure, which brings me to today’s topic. Got a clue yet?

Today I have a solution to all the worlds’ ills. Yes, I have don’t you laugh! I have thought about this for a long time and am now confident it will work. Can you guess at what that might be? Ever thought about what would cross any country, gender, race, or even language barriers? I have, know what I figured out?


My State Has a White Elephant, Does Yours?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You all know I’m from Kentucky, right? Well I am and did you also know we are the self-proclaimed horse capital of the world, we are. So today I sit here just totally teed off, why? We are about to host the World Equestrian (FEI) games. What, you don’t know what the FEI games are?

Allow me. This is an equestrian event, which until now, has never been held outside Europe. The competition in many ways is similar to the Olympics but also includes reining, Para dressage, vaulting and driving events. People from all over the world will be here and I’m not happy about it. Why am I so unhappy?

They painted our bridges blue. Not UK (University of Kentucky) blue but some weird sky blue that relates to nothing. Must have been a Louisville Cardinal fan on the color selection committee.


Sunday's Ripples; Are yours in Color?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

There by the fountain pond, in a beautiful tree lined park sat a woman. She had come to the park to escape the dullness of her life. “Get out be alive,” she thought but the dullness only jaded her view.  Looking out into the vast landscape her eyes found the pond. “Where has all my color gone?”

She gazed deep with in the water, as if the pool of liquid held a clue. The deeper she stared, the darker the water grew. “You hold no color, only fathoms on my soul,” she cried. “Where is my color?” again she asked.

It was then a ripple in the water gently ambled into view, and with the ripple came a color. White, she knew to some was not a color, yet to her contrasting the darkness it would do. It was a change. With the ripple came another and another, “Why do ripples have your color?” she asked.


Do You Have a Web?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Up before the sun, she sat on the deck lost in thought. Her mind was slowly being transported to a dull sense of numb. Muttering, “I’m tired,” she now thought sleep must be against her too. “I have had enough and need to go in,” thus standing to prove her point. This was when a golden glisten caught her eye. “Wow, where did that come from?” she asked out loud.

The patio light angled just enough to see the over night creation. There in the corner of her window a small spider had chose to dwell. In one night it had created this gorgeously woven web of wonder and the light made it look like gold. “You were up later than I and look at what you have made,” she said smiling, rambling back inside.


Just So You Know...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Since the last two days have been story filled perhaps today we should go a little lighter. How about another installment of “just so you know?”

You already know I have vertigo so let me point out I am composing this with my head braced. I did not know my head weighed so much. Well on with it…

Just so you know… I’ll be late making the rounds today and I’ll explain later.


Do You Have An Evil Screen?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Standing, peering out the back door sipping coffee came the visualization she had beaten the sun. The sun, turning and opening one eye was just now beginning to play tricks with shadows of the light; it was not awake. “Oh you are a sleepy head, I could sure use the light,” she muttered and some what miffed. “Well I cannot wait, not today.”

She closed the door slowly and headed for the other room. Still dark, her fingers tentatively reached for the light switch and turned it on. “Oh, no pain. I’m so thankful the light has become my friend again.”  The good omen made her happy and she continued one by one with the morning routine. It was there in this routine she found a tear, a single tear. “Why and how do did you get trapped in there?” she cried.


Vertigo; Hitchcock Has Nothing on Me

Monday, September 13, 2010

Right now her only friend was the keyboard. With it the vision in her head could dance to life. One key, two key, slowly the story took to screen, characters began to emerge as reality; her mind was a blaze with the fable. “Type,” she ordered her fingers as if they were not already listening. “Why am I sweating?”

Questionable she lifted her fingers from the keyboard. “Why am I sweating?” again she asked. Wiping the last bit of perspiration from her brow she thought, “Maybe a break.” She knew the reality was, a break would kill the moment. “Push on” a little voice said, “You will be alright.” Just then she was not alright.

The little voice had unleashed some resident evil. The sweat had turned to chills, the room spun like a top and her vision began to flicker. Her eyes now saw an array of twinkling, floating stars. “I’m going to pass out!” she screamed.


Just The Facts Jack

Saturday, September 11, 2010

No story today, just the facts Jack. Oh yes, I have facts to share.

Fact one; I was not even going to post today. Saturday is becoming a busy day for me with Ms Twister home. Joy, Joy.
Fact Two; my house looks like a bomb went off in it. I need to get more in-tune with my surroundings.
Fact Three; the gate needs some repairing. I need to bolt a wheel on and install the automatic lock. I want to reconnect with my tools.
Fact Four; I must install the pedestal sink I purchased on the World’s Longest Yard sale. It does not look as good on the floor and again, reconnect with my tools.
Fact Five; I must rake the ever-falling leaves. I need to get in touch with the great outdoors and those muscles I haven’t seen since this time last year.
Fact Six; I must go help my father at his apartments. I want to try on my new biohazard suit. Nasty tenant moved out, left all sorts of weird things.
Fact Seven; I must play ball with the furry friends. With the summer we have had this was not an option and besides I want them to recognize whom they are about to spend the winter with.
Fact Eight; I must get out of this funk and grow up. Well, maybe just get out of the funk. I still want to go down a slide with Yvonne.
Fact Nine; I must dig deep in the freezer, select some frozen treat for dinner and then dream all day of turning it into a master piece. Can you cook an abstract dinner?
Fact Ten; I must take time for me. I need to refuel, rejuvenate, dream and change my oil. Dang, I sound like a want-ad. Anybody in need of slightly used, older model car?

There you have the facts for my day.

You guys have a wonderful Saturday. Peace…

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It's Friday, Where Were You?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Yes it is Friday and I'm TIRED! I haven't had more than 2 hours sleep and as for the reason? Who knows, my hillbilly alarm clock must be screwed up again. Needless to say I'm running slow this morning. I have composed a memory and will include it but.....

Being that I'm sleep deprived you may want to stop right here and that is okay. I won't bore you any longer. The below memory is my tribute of what I took from 9/11. I hope it makes sense and if you are choosing to leave here let me wish you a fun, wonderful, football filled (if so inclined) weekend. If you are continuing, well...


Awards; Again?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yesterday was my BON day and I gave you a few more tid-bits about myself, whew that hurt. Now today I have a few new followers and I wish to welcome them to the journey. Your company will help ward off any evil we may encounter, safety in numbers you know.

Today I have decided to go ahead and let go of two more awards. I do not want to hold on to these because my memory of what, who, when and where is starting to play games with me. Up front though, I need to add a disclaimer here about my comments.


BON by WOW; Who Me?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today is my turn in the BON (Blogger of Note) seat, what a thrill. Pam and Sandy over at WOW (Words of Wisdom) have my deepest gratitude for allowing me this time in the sun, Thank You. If you are not familiar with them please check out their wonderful blogging community.

Undoubtedly some are visiting from WOW and to you I say WELCOME. It is my pleasure to have you visit and hopefully stick around for the show. Feel free to browse the isles and make suggestions. At least on your way out leave me a comment I want to know you were here.

Of course I cannot forget those of you whom have been faithful to me in the past few months, a big hug to you.  You have kept me honest and strong in the short time we have come to know each other. So without further ado, my introduction.


Is Your Life in a Box?

Late again and scurrying to complete her morning routine she felt the thought creep in. The anger of her tardiness was taking slow control. Oh, how she hated to be late. The thought of having to say, “Sorry I’m late,” made her skin cringe. She also knew at some point she would ask herself, “What did I forget?”

Sometime around her morning coffee break that question grabbed her. “What did I forget?” she asked herself. Replaying slowly in her mind the morning routine and checking items off one at a time. Remembering the final glance she always took in the dresser mirror her mind stopped dead in thought.


Labor Day Honoree's

Monday, September 6, 2010

Let me start by saying that after KarenG’s BBQ I actually had to go cook myself some. As a result of attending her little chin-dig I now how several new followers. I would like to welcome them. I am honored you are here and look forward to meeting you all in this blog world we have come to love.

Now HAPPY HOLIDAY, it is Labor Day. It is the end of summer, beginning of fall and the day to honor our workers. Today I would like to salute some of less mention workers out there. In the fashion of my “Just So You Know” posts the following are my candidates for a salute in the labor force. 


The Day You Do Not Need To Call

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I cannot remember a single day in my adulthood that I have not phoned my grandmother. It is just a part of my life. As to when the phone calls began I am not sure, though I’m sure my mother would attest it being the day I learned to use the phone. It is these calls that haunt the silence of my Sunday.

My grandmother will be 92 in month or so, and just the thought of not making these calls wells up in my eyes and explodes with my heart skipping a beat. Yesterday I was reminded; I needed to prepare myself that someday soon, I would no longer need to call.


My Week

Friday, September 3, 2010

We made it. All the way to Friday or should I say Friday made it to us? Either way, here it is and Monday is a Holiday. The last long weekend before the snow flies. And how did we get here?

Monday was a blue day and I passed on some awards. Lovely people you are to care about my blues. I guess it could have been the angel struggle and you are closet WWA fans. Nah.


The Beauty of a Waltz

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Staring out her window she could not say exactly how it went. Every detail was not clear. In her mind, she now held dearly to the beauty and longevity of her story. “Yes my dear you did dance.”

To attend she made no plans, the thought never crossed her mind. It had been a whim, a spur of the moment attendance. A moment in which she had been taught the life altering fact; she really loved the dance.


200th and Another Award

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I’ve passed another blog milestone. This is my 200th post! Can you see the fireworks from where you are? Look up, ahhh! Pretty, that one looked like Saturn; see it?

Don’t be alarmed; I can’t see them either. I wanted fireworks but our imaginations are all we have here. What is the proper blog way to celebrate 200 posts?

I do have one more award to pass along. That is a celebration, but let’s save that for last. Let me finish this 200th post first.


Going UP