New Year's Rant

Monday, January 4, 2010

It is the first Monday morning of 2010 and I need to get back into the saddle. Hard to believe it is twenty ten and of course I'm hoping this is my year. I did not want to blog on the typical year end review or about resolutions that by June I could not remember why I even thought about in January. I would however; like to blog about a lesson I learned from in the past year though. That lesson came from being laid off this past year.

First a small piece of advice; do not go into any career thinking you will take a job and become rich. As long as your career/life is based on what other people evaluate you as, you will only be as good as they want you to be. It is the nature of being the boss.

The problem with the job market is our countries corporate policies. Very few companies care about ensuring their employees futures. We are all profit margins that they can cut, replace and do that as needed to maintain that money margin. No longer do companies set a side monies for down times, cut hours instead of employees, or entertain ideas on cost cutting measures to ensure their work force stays in tack.

When you work for a company that preaches family, insists you are a vital cog in their operation; yet you witness their purchase of high dollar items and then you are let go. It leaves a very sour taste in your mouth. We have been told it is because of the economy, it was just a flip of the coin, we just can't afford you, however; you are still family, I say hog wash. I think I would find a way to keep my brother or sister in the family. You just cut into their profit margin and they did not have enough management skills to realize that there are dark times in any business.

We need companies to step up and realize their work force is their company and keeping inexperienced, cheap labor is not always the best policy. Every time you turn over an employee it costs you money. We need companies that take pride in their selves again. We need companies to care, to be a part of the daily operations, to actually believe what they preach. We need companies that when they hire a new employee, to act as though it is an adoption.

I truly believe this is the reason you are seeing so many entrepreneurs come to the fore front at this time. The little guy is tired of being a dollar sign to big brother. Why take a job only to be back to square one when management can not manage.

This is my thought or rant as you could tell; now to a lighter note. The not so bright plane bomber that set himself on fire.

Now, I know a lot of you fly and this is a big thing; but come on. The guy strapped an explosive to his personal tool and then had to light it, how intelligent is that? I think knowing what little I do about these terrorists I would have come up with a better bomb design. If the intent is to die a martyr and get your virgins in heaven; then why would you go out of this world without the one tool you will need for the virgins?

Last thought for the morning; what ever happen to common sense? It must have already made it over the rainbow and will be waiting for me on the other side because I just don't see to much of it anymore.

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