Olympics: You Call It Flash Mob, I Call It A Reason To Dance

Monday, February 22, 2010

Okay I know I'm over 50, I know I'm suppose to be responsible, I know I'm suppose to be grown up and set an example for young people; however. I just love the idea of "Flash Mobs." The concept of gathering as many people as you can in the middle of some town, at a certain time and then dancing for a cause, just blows me away. From Ellen to Oprah the promotion of dance is everywhere.

For those of you whom have no idea what I am talking about let me explain. The concept goes like this; plan a simple dance routine, pick a time and place, put it out on a social network or two, invite all your friends, show up at the scheduled time and place, then dance. Hopefully those around will also join in. The flash mob is such a simple concept that can reap huge rewards to both organizer and percipient.

I grew up in the disco era and dance was all the rage, had I had this option I probably would not have worried about getting into bars to dance. I would have just gone around joining flash mobs. It would have been a much better use of my time.

Now, if you are saying to yourself, "I don't like or I can't dance," then you have the wrong mind set. Dance is about letting those inhibitions go and just letting your body go to the beat. In my mind there are no good dancers or bad dancers, only people who do not dance.

Once you get out there and start moving it is contagious. Thus the thought, that this generation can use such a positive measure to develop recognition of a cause is in its self a ray of hope. The hope our kids can step away from the xbox, that our kids can put texting to the back, that our kids do realize they can make a difference, and they can make people smile.

To make people smile and reach your goal should be every person's desire in life. So if you are at the mall or walking in your town and see a group with a boom box gathering, take your shoes off, have someone hold your bags, and boogie.

I am including the video that caused such a blog. I arrived at it from CNN.com so please feel free to check it out. The groups web site is: http://www.imagine1day.org/

Here is the video.

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