Adversity: Alice in Wonderland Carried No Luggage

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Adversity" as defined in the Oxford dictionary: misfortune, woe, affliction, negative, trouble, hard times and tribulation. I enter this definition as a starting point to what is true and what is not. So many times in our lives we are challenged with adversity, the negative, the hard times and way to often, the tribulations. But one has still to remember that for every negative there lays a positive.

When we look at the mere definition of just one word and not place that word into any context, can we truly understand the meaning? It is like looking in a mirror from the far left or right, you tend to see what is being reflected from a skewed vantage point, not what is being reflected from the other angles. This what I mean when I say context. Now replace the word adversity with any situation in your life that fits the definition and image you are seeing the situation from the ceiling not from where you enter the room. Things tend to look a little different when you remove yourself from the normal angle and replace it with an entirely new vantage point.

To take this position one step further, imagine if you will, your best friends last tragic adversity they shared with you; change places. It tends to look a lot different when you are in another persons sorrows. We all, by human nature think our adversities are the worst, until we see it from another vantage point. The challenge is to see those adversities from a vantage point that 'allows the positive to shine through.

There is always a positive; we merely have to take a vantage point to see it. We have to look in that mirror from every angle and then re-evaluate it from the ceiling. By being on the ceiling I mean to allow us the freedom to let go of all our emotional baggage. Alice in wonderland carried no luggage, why should you?

To honestly find the positive in an adversity one must not take luggage with them. One must be heavy in heart and honestly be seeking the solution to the situation. Don't just moan about it. Take a deep breath, step back, look at it from every angle, judge it from the ceiling and you will see both sides. The negative and the positive, the queen of hearts and the mad hatter.


watch alice in wonderland said, 

Keep working, great job! I honestly appreciate your time that you have put to write this post.

February 24, 2010 at 10:09 PM  
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