Middle Aged Women: What Really Do They Wear?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh good, the mail has come; two bills, fifteen pounds of advertisements and 2 magazines. Well, I deserve a break so I think I might browse the magazines. Both being women's magazines, full of make-up, diets, how to attract a male articles and clothing. That is when the sign exited my throat. Why is it men's clothing is so stylish and color coordinated while women's clothing is blah and style-less?

I have noticed for some time now women really have no choice in clothing. You either dress like your grandmother or you get shrink wrapped into clothing meant for someone half your age. It appears there are no middle aged women in this country, they either are to young to worry about professional attire and class or they are to old to worry about attire or class. Having clothing look like my drier decided to retaliate against me is not appealing attire, nor is wearing clothing that looks like pull-ups with long legs and no pockets. I'm looking for style, I'm looking for class and not in boring colors.

I'm of an age where you do not need clothing that results in exposed body parts. I would rather not spend most of my day pulling at what ever I put on to make it fit. I do not want to relive the 70's; they were not that good the first time around and the 80's made fun of the clothes anyway. I refuse to wear neon colors or bold plaids, they have never lasted very long as fashion goes, so why keep bringing them back?  I can not walk in Gene Simmons style pumps nor do I want to.

I'm also of an age where pants that have elastic in bulk are not yet required. Of an age where shirts need to have a tailored effect not the tarp effect. Of an age where color, pattern and prints should have class in style not style of bird classes.

If you are having trouble following along with this train of thought, wonder over to the men's section. Explain to me why men get to have classy, stylish, color coordinated clothing of gorgeous prints and patterns, while women of the same age group get frumpy, bland, cover ups? It must be a conspiracy; by whom I'm not sure. I know this though; my old stylish, classy clothing is getting thread bare.

Should this trend continue I will be forced to learn to sew and that is a scary thought. Give me a drill but not a needle and thread.


CJ said, 

The other thing I find is that men's clothes sometimes fit better. I hate having to try to squeeze into uncomfortable clothes or shoes. A pair of Levis is always a good cozy choice for me!

April 5, 2010 at 8:44 PM  

I think that's complete and utter hogwash. There are plenty of stores that cater to mature women. Talbots, Coldwater Creek, Chicos, J. Jill and Dress Barn are some where you can find clothes that fit. The other thing is, if you have a weird body type consider tailoring. I honestly don't know what 40 something or so women are going on about that there are no clothes for them. Ridiculous.

Buy a fashion book like How Not to Look Old or look at websites that talk about how to dress after 40. I am 46 and I don't wear teen clothes. I shop at Target, Macys, Coldwater Creek. I am a size 8 with an hour glass shape and find plenty of things that fit and are age appropriate. I like classic styles pencil skirts, cardigans, white blouses, boot cut and trouser jeans. I also love pretty dresses with leggings, flats, platforms and boots. There are clothes for you. Know your body shape and what silhouettes look best. Don't go too girly, loud, low cut or tight and you'll be fine.

July 26, 2010 at 7:13 PM  

I'm a professional woman and Jules, I feel your pain.

Anonymous...I shop at Talbots, Cold Water Creek (some), Sax, Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms. Chicos and JJill are not really great for my body type (petite) or personal style (tailored, moderately trendy and conservative). Dress Barn just isn't me. Here's the problem -- every middle aged woman in my office shops in the stores you mentioned too!


August 30, 2010 at 1:24 AM  
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