Unemployed: Top Five Things I Wish Would Happen To My Ex-Employer

Monday, February 15, 2010

My dear friends, I find myself still unemployed; no surprise huh? However, this time, I find it difficult to curb the "I'll get even" thought every time someone brings up their name. Sometimes I find myself just wishing I'd said something, any thing, the day they let me go. A lass, I did not.

Lately I have been indulging myself in fantasy in order to find humor in the situation and to relieve myself of the revenge emotion; I'm going to dream up a list. I did, I'm finished and below are the top five things I dream would happen to my ex-employer:

  1. Someone would call in a fire alarm, hide across the street with a paint ball gun and one by one paint them PINK.
  2. Hire them anonymously to design a modern, clean line, out house. Then tell them it was not what they were looking for and it had no design. I'd say not pay them but people already do that, thus being unemployed.
  3. Have their cars towed to another city.
  4. Fill their web site with Strawberry shortcake.
  5. Take an ad out on Craigs list for bull sh** wanted, top price paid and list their phone number as the contact.
Just a small, little list filled with fantasy and I'm sure you could add a few things for me. This is as close as I'll get to actual revenge and with this I'll let it go. But if you have an idea leave me a comment.

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