Reasons To Watch The Winter Olympics

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ah, the winter Olympics start tonight. At least with the winter Olympics you do not have those obscure events like synchronized swimming or that ribbon gymnastics thing. In fact the only winter event I do not get into is curling. What exactly do you get from participating in curling?

Curling to me looks like the shuffle board on a cruise ship you see old people playing. The team slides the stone, sweeps it down the ice, and then tries for a bulls eye. I guess you have to live where the ponds freeze over regularly to appreciate it.

For the rest of the winter Olympics; they are for the most part, fun to watch. I am personally partial to sledding and ski jumping. Remember Eddie "The Eagle" from Britian? What about the Jamaican bob sled team? I can not image being the only one or the first to compete in any event. For that matter I can not image even being in the Olympics, though I have compiled a small list of things to look for.

When watching the Olympics try to keep an eye out for the following items:

  • Notice the hats in the crowd when watching the snow boarding events. Where do they find these?
  • Snow Boarding; which outfit is the most miss-matched? That is the style, you know.
  • Look at the tights. That isn't a Chirstmas package is it?
  • When watching the ice hockey games see how many real teeth you can count.
  • Ice skating; who really is sleeping with whom? This event always has so much drama.
Just a short list, on the spur of the moment. I always find something to say, "hum" about during the Olympics. So check it out and then come back to tell me your observations. It ought to be interesting.

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