Toyota Recall

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In the morning, while waking up, I like to treat myself to a cup of coffee and the morning news.Today I was enjoying my treat when the news caster started to inform people on how and when to take their Toyota vehicle in for this major recall repair. That is when  I had the most bizarre thought.

Should we all stay at home when the repairs start? I mean think about it, you have a lot of Toyota vehicles in your area, all heading to your local dealer, all with the same defect; the car suddenly wants to go fast. What are the odds that several of these vehicles will suddenly have this defect occur while driving to be repaired?

I can see the headlines now "20 car pile up in Toyota dealership parking lot," or "woman stuck on the circle waiting for her car to run out of gas." The thoughts made me laugh and for some weird reason I could actually visualize this occurring.

So here I have developed a game plan for running errands today:

  • If I see a Toyota vehicle in my rear view mirror, I'm going to get in the fast lane. Toyota drivers have been told to get on the shoulder put it in neutral and then apply the brakes.
  • If I see one on either side of me, I'm going to lay back and stay out it's way. Let them have all the room they need to run in front of me. My American made truck was not meant for drag racing.
  • Should I see one while in a parking lot, I will hurry to position some other poor vehicle between myself and the approaching Toyota. I pray it will not notice me.
That is my game plan for today's outing, so we will see how it works. Please let me say before closing this is my humorous side, no slight is intended toward those who have experienced this situation first hand. Merely my warped mind trying to find a laugh first thing in the morning.

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