Dictionary or Spell Check; You Decide

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What ever happen to the dictionary? No, not spell check, but the actual printed version of all words in our language. The book we use to receive right before we were given a full blown bookcase of encyclopedias. Did it go out of print?

I am not talking about grammar, I'm talking about normal spelling of words. I can remember growing up, I was the world's worst at spelling. I even lost my prized bicycle for 2 weeks because I got caught cheating on a spelling test. To this day I have trouble spelling the month February. But I was always instructed, "look it up in the dictionary." It became a habit.

Now, I go on facebook and see things like tired (tried to hard), he was a tard (retard), and numerous other misspellings that require me to sit there and figure out what they trying to say.  Here are just three I found this morning; "chapionship, tomarrow and hungray."

Is "chapionship" something you enter to see who has the most chapped extremities? Or maybe it is British slang for two guys that are friends. Tomarrow, sounds hillbilly to me. I just assumed it to be tomorrow with an accent. Now, hungray I never really figured this one out. Was my friend hungry, was their honey turning grey, or was it a new car?

Either way, I spent most of my time figuring out what my friends were really trying to tell me. No wonder no one wants to read any more. It's to hard to decipher and it takes forever.

Does anyone know where I can find a modern acronym dictionary? I haven't even begun to tackle those.

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