Winter Olympics: The Party is Over

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Before the winter Olympics close tonight I would like to reflect on the images these games have left with me. There have been many moments and drama that have brought out a range of emotions from this ex-athlete. I do not get into the glitz and glamour of the competition but rather the competition its self, so let me reflect.

I would like to start with a few things I did like about these games, first and for most Canada. I have never been there, have always wanted to go and after seeing these people's spirit, I honestly feel now it is a must. They have taken the heat for everything from mechanical glitches to the weather and held their heads high. Kudos for the attitude, we could all learn a lesson from this.

Their athletes have risen to the call to make their country proud and for the most part accomplished this feat. They have been a part of upsets and records, they have even survived adversity. Again, kudos. Now, as for the women hockey teams' party, get over it! They won a gold medal, no young children were present, and they could not help it if every cell phone in the world comes equipped with a camera. Smoke a cigar for me.

My second favorite thing was the hair and clothes, of everyone. I did not know hair could be dyed into so many different shades of the rainbow. Thank goodness for color televisions, otherwise no one would stand out in the crowd. I just love freaks, throw caution to the wind, let yourself be you, what a positive mind set.

The clothes just fascinate me into a complete state of amusement. I know of no where else you can see so many different, non-matching color combination that suddenly become all the rage. I must say I enjoyed the snowboarders outfits the most, they are more my style. But it is nice to know when you go to the Olympics and awake, you do not have to care if everything matches or that it is pressed, what a relief.

The few things I did not like were sort of common sense. The coverage here in America was, as always, selective. We got entire curling events on one channel but then only got to watch the medal runs in Skeleton and Luge. It seems to me that if they are going to broadcast it on three channels, they could have done better with the timing and shown more of all events, not just the events America won or they thought we would be interested in.

I did not like the sensationalism made of the idol gossip and/or comments made by the competitors. It was what we call trash talking, better left alone. I also did like the constant seeking of the negative regarding the games. Find the sunny side.

The few things I would have changed would be for one, the heavy men in spandex. That was just way to much information for me. There ought to be a better uniform and still be aerodynamic. For curling I would have put them all in swimsuits and sold beer. Just trying to boost the sport, most of us still don't understand it. I would also like to see the cross country skiers be required to carry Kleenex. It just makes for better dinner viewing. I would like to have seen more than one American able to sing the National Anthem.

All in all the winter Olympics were enjoyable and I will miss viewing them everyday. Now we return you to your previously scheduled reruns.

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