Paranormal Activity: Real or Just a Party

Monday, February 8, 2010

I, like everyone else I know, watch at least one paranormal show a week.While watching the other night I had this thought; where have all these ghosts been? I mean, 5 years ago you never heard of paranormal activity, nor haunted places. We had the typical folk lore and camp fire tales we all told in eerie situations; but nothing like what we supposedly have now. Now, every town in America has a ghost or haunted venue. So again I ask you, where have all the ghosts been?

My thought is that there has been a paranormal party going on we knew nothing about. I mean why else would it take them so long to talk to us, partying is serious business. So why talk to us now? Perhaps the party ran out of beer and what they are really saying is; "more bud." Perhaps they had one to many and are asking us to call a supernatural taxi. Perhaps they are not talking at all; maybe it is paranormal karaoke and because they are drinking it just got out of hand.

Perhaps they did not get invited to the party and the after life is just boring. Now they have decided to punk us. "Let's move this chair and see how fast they can really run," "hey Bob turn the light on but cover your ears, she's a screamer," or "turn that door knob, wait til their hand is almost there though, has a better effect" sounds like a punk to me. If I was bored practical jokes would be my release.

Perhaps they just got back from they party and their after life is just an extension of their real life. If they were clumsy in real life wouldn't they be the same in the next life? Maybe all those noises we hear are just a clumsy ghost trying to raid the refrigerator or get to the bathroom in the dark. You don't have a night light in the hall do you?

So, the next time you see a piece of toilet paper just floating down the hall, why not merely say "you have something stuck to your shoe." I'll bet you'll hear a thank you.

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