Tiger Woods: Forgive A Role Model

Saturday, February 20, 2010

As many of you know I am an avid newsreader, of all kinds. Yesterday and today the trend on opinion polls has been to ask 4 of 5 possible questions on one topic. I will not give the topic credibility by mentioning any names; lets just say it is golf related. Surely those poll generators could have found something far more news worthy to have an opinion on. Perhaps we have all been scooped in by the news media making us believe this is a news story so their job, real news, can be put to the back burner.

I apologize, but a man who sleeps with more than one woman while married to another is just not news to me. I challenge you to tell me when in history this has NOT happened? This offense has been going on for centuries now, however in the twentieth century it has become news worthy. So, I ask you; is it the actually the dirty deeds of this man or the fact of whom this man is?

If in fact, we are appalled by the dirty deeds this man carried out I can see the interest, somewhat. It still remains to be seen why this is news worthy. It is however you look at it; wrong, mean, not politically correct, unmoral, and just out right cheating. It is the breaking of a vow some Americans are fighting just to have the right to take. If they want me to forgive, it is not I who has to forgive. That is between him, her and his higher being. But I do not play with cheaters.

Now, if in fact, we are appalled because of whom the man is, well then perhaps we ought to choose our role models a little more carefully. This is not the first so called role model to fall out of grace in the recent past, which leads me to believe we truly do not look at the person before we declare them role model worthy. This some how seems like we have lowered our standards. It should take more than good looks, high stats, mega dollar endorsement deals, and gold medals to become a role model.

My role model has to be honest, caring, descant, willing to help the helpless, never forgets where they came from, believe in right and wrong, saves the day, wears a cool uniform and is always there. Bring back Cookie Monster!



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March 22, 2010 at 8:18 PM  
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