Senate Filibuster: Don't Blame It On Kentucky

Friday, February 26, 2010

Today I feel very sad to admit I'm from the good state of Kentucky. For today one of our distinguished elected officials took it upon his own shoulders to filibuster the senate, a filibuster that proceeded to put 5 million Americans livelihood in peril. As if the filibuster was not enough, he then had the audacity to complain his filibuster took so long he missed the UK, South Carolina game. That really says a lot for the state of Kentucky's elected officials priorities.

This filibuster came from an elected official whom is retiring and has no intent of being there to repair any damage he may cause to his state or the nation. This coming from a gentleman whom had a mere 7, count them, 7 floor comments for the entire year of 2009. I do wonder about the same question this senator is pondering; how do we pay for all the aid the US is dishing out? Was this same question not on his mind in 2009 and if so why did he hold his tongue until 2010? If money is an issue then why he is opting to only chime in on this one issue? If money is the issue, then why is he only choosing to filibuster spending for Americans, why not filibuster the money going out of the country?

I am sure if he felt so strongly about the issue he could have found a more responsible, less destructive, adult manner in which to handle his concern?  I can only say this; he truly is not from the state of Kentucky. No Kentuckian I know or have ever met would put another person in such peril; in fact most people from my state would give you the shirt off their back. No Kentuckian would have just give up and cry babied their way to a stale mate. Kentuckians are proud, inventive people who believe where there is a will there is a way. I'm sorry to say this gentleman has lost his.

The budget is an issue but not just for Kentucky or for the nation. Everyone I know has a budget issue and this man was an elected official whom was responsible for watching our backs. Ouch, can you reach that knife, it sort of smarts.

To my readers I apologize for this elected official, I do not recall him asking our opinion on the issue. For that matter I do recall him asking our opinion on any issue. Don't hold it against us.


Martha said, 

Thanks for putting good thoughts into words for us...Martha

February 27, 2010 at 3:47 PM  
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