Top Ten Reasons Why I Do Not Watch Reality TV

Friday, February 5, 2010

It is all the craze; everyone is watching, talking about, scheduling around, their favorite reality show. We have all sorts of reality on television now, on about every subject imaginable and still I ask, "What is it with these shows?" I guess I am truly missing the point, I can not find the point. Here I provide a list of reasons why I do not watch reality TV.

  1. I do not care how bad you dress. Your a grown up, deal with it. Can you not tell that does not match? Get a mirror.
  2. Why would I watch someone exercise to lose weight when I am at home, sitting on the couch, eating candy. Makes me feel bad.
  3. I do not care how many kids you have, nor do I care that they are brats and need intervention. Just give me a litter of puppies.
  4. Do I really care what type of house your buying and where? Well, I'm not a thief, so I think not.
  5. Logging is a job. Now, I am unemployed but this would not be my first choice in a career change.
  6. Dating is not a sport, therefore, I do not want to watch.
  7. My house is not clean and it's not on television. Thank goodness!
  8. Makeovers, I have seen Joan Rivers, need I say more and don't get me started on "The Donald."
  9. Cops and bounty hunters, fine line. Combine these two and then I'd only have one show to dodge. Besides I know several cops, they are not that entertaining. Unless they are drunk and trying to help get your keys out of your car.
  10. And finally...watching people sing off key and not able to carry a tune hurts my dogs ears. This could cause PETA to come after me; no thanks.
I hope my reasoning makes sense. Simply put; entertain me.

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