Texas Crash: Was The I.R.S. Really To Blame

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What exactly are we trying to say with the current state of our society? A child kills a parent for money, a parent kills a child over money and man kills his whole family because of money. Does murder really equate to dollars in the bank?

I understand the condition of the current economic recession, but does little or no pay give anyone the right to throw humanity out the window? I cannot imagine being so starved for cash or desire some materialistic object so bad that I would stoop to take another life. Has the modern age of gadgetry taken us to a point of no return? The Jones are they really that far ahead? Has the government and how it operates really changed that much?
There are just way too many questions that honestly, I do not think anyone has answers for. I'm not even sure if anyone is looking for that matter. As for me, I can provide my observations regarding the current state of affairs.

If money cannot purchase it, then money should not be the reason it is destroyed. If a gadget is desired or purchased for ease of life and not necessity in life, it then becomes a tool to lose that part of the human element. The Jones have been ahead of us for years, let them go, you really do not want to take that cruise anyway. Finally, the government is what it has always been; it is the person we elect that constantly changes.

If you want peace and happiness in your life, find peace and happiness in yourself. This does not require money or gadget, the Jones can’t lend it to you and the government has no idea what happiness is. Think about the last time you rolled on the floor laughing, did any of the above cause such laughter? I rest my case.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of those injured or missing in the incident at the I.R.S. office in Texas.

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