Significant Others: Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Significant others; we all have one or should. Today is the day we pay homage to them. To express to them all the emotions they bestow in us, to say all the words we do not say, and to show them exactly who we are with them in our lives.

Now, there are people who say they can exist by them selves; but do they? I mean how do you feel anger when there is no one there to leave the cap off the tooth paste tube? How do you feel joy when there is no one there to make you happy? How do you feel remorse when then there is no one there to say you are sorry to? How do you love when there is no one there to love?

Someone who tries to go it alone has no one to journey with. They have no one to vent to when the day has just tried to kick their butt. They have no one to talk to when they just need to hear those words in their head out loud, when they know in their heart it makes no sense. They have no one to laugh with; like when they see that strangely dressed, strangely shaped person in Wal-Mart and they want to laugh. They have no one to watch TV with and say "now that was a stupid commercial,." or "why are they putting that on again?" They have no one to to share a dinner with and then laugh at them when they eat something totally too hot. They have no one to tell them "you look fine" or "that's a good look,." and then roll their eyes at you like "OMG. "

We all need another human to share with and yes, there is someone for everyone. We need someone to hug us when the sky is falling. We need someone to say they have faith in us. We need someone to make us laugh and laugh with. We need someone who says; "it's alright, I'll take care of you." We need someone to except us for what we are and want nothing more in return. We need to be loved.

So turn around, look up from your computer screen, call on the phone; do what ever it is takes for you to make contact that person. Then let that significant other of yours know they mean all these things to you and more. That you are glad you are taking this journey called life together and that you hope your journey is long. That is all it takes. We don't need "no stinking roses."

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