Thursday, February 4, 2010

I do try to be humorous most of the time but sometimes I just have a serious moment and have to let it go. So for this entry I need a serious moment. My fellow Americans; where are we going? Do we even remember where we have been or what we have went through?

To me it looks scary growing old in this country. I see the future generation getting fat and lazy because they do not know how to play, they can not make change and their idea of the three "R's" is found on Google or not at all. I see my grandmothers saving being bleed dry just to survive because the cost of being old today is just astronomical. I see people who have a valid education but still can find no job. I see people having to choose between heat and food; I see no "can do" spirit at all remaining in this country. What happen?

Well; we forgot how to work for a living, we forgot how to save, we forgot we how to pay cash, we forgot how to be parents, mentors, and neighbors. We forgot what friends, family and morals really are. We just have forgotten way too many things to be number one anymore.

The greatest generation is given that title for a reason; they forgot nothing and gave everything. They did not count on the government to give them a leg up. (Which, by the way; our government today spent 300 million for basically a motion sensor border fence that does not work.)  None of the programs we now enjoy existed during that generation. But they remembered what it was like and made it better for us. Can we say the same?

I urge you to remember. Work hard, save what you can, a dime is better than a penny. Spend time with your kids or a kid, you both will learn a lot. Reach out to the elderly, they have been here before. Remember, no amount of money can replace friends or family, love each moment with them, they are there for a reason, You. Practice morals; if it feels bad to you, then it will feel bad to the other person. Lets rely on each other, not the government. Trust me, it's a better bet. Last but not least; do not judge a book by it's cover. There is a whole country of people that are NOT just like you but still very good people. Find one.

So, I again urge you; REMEMBER!

Going UP