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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here is my question for the day, whatever happen to just the simple title of “American?” Can someone please explain to me why being an American needs further definition? Why is just being an American not enough?

In the past few months I have noticed the simple term American seems to be a fading description. That we no longer are known as just Americans but rather this type or that type American, why the need for sub-titles?

America is not a single type of person; it is a melting pot of people, a rainbow if you will of the world. A country founded from every nationality in the world, from every walk of life and all with the common goal of a better life in a new land. These folks took the journey, conquered all and here we are today.

Yes, in the beginning we stumbled; we forgot that all people are equal but those wrongs have been corrected (for the most part). None of us can lay claim to the perils or hardships of our heritage, we can only claim the lineage. With that lineage comes the responsibility of not allowing those same perils and hardships to ever happen again. Does adding an extra descriptive to the title “American” achieve this?

I think not, I think it further alienates select groups of Americans. Instead of “United We Stand” it has become “United We Stand With Sub-Titles.” We don’t need further definition everyone in the world knows we are mixed breeds. This is how we arrived at becoming a great nation, no one is going to mess with a nation of mixed breeds and they’re crazy.

I think these sub-titles serve to only divide us further. To allow our so-called “for the people” government to select which people it governs. With sub-titles the democracy only has to appease a select few and not the masses. We are making it to easy for the people we elect to look after our best interests.

If we truly want America back and back to the people for the people, then we must become a people. We must return to “United We Stand” and not be a nation full of sub-titles. Don’t respond to any questionnaire that just being an American is not enough; do not allow them to pinpoint our demographics. Make them think about the masses and not sub-titles.

Now if you insist on going through with this sub-title thing; then I have selected my own. I will be known as an “MB-American.” “MB” will stand for mixed-breed and I will be damn proud of it. The color of my skin does not matter; sex, yes I know what it is and as to orientation I’ve heard lying down is most common. Age is a state of mind so I’m six. Nationality, I told you I’m an MB-American.

What do you think? Can you fill out a form with those answers?


Bernie said, 

I liked this post. I agree with your belief that we should just be identified as Americans. I also read some of your other posts. I think they are on timely and interesting topics.

I had to laugh about the one about the baby bibles. Even though I had my babies years ago, I did follow Dr. Spock and then there was another I used to get from the library Gisell or something like that. If I wanted to find out if my baby was doing something different I wanted to know if he or she was on track or not. I did not know a thing about taking care of kids when I had my first one. I didn't even know they made all those tiny cute little shirts that fit them perfectly and so on. You might change your mind when you have your own.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have a good friend from Kentucky and I believe you when you say the Senator does not represent the typical resident. But then, do any of them really represent us?

May 13, 2010 at 11:49 PM  
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