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Saturday, May 15, 2010

As most of you now know, I am currently unemployed and seeking a new life. I have to ask, have you ever used an online job search directory? One like Monster.com or Career Builder? Well, I must inform you that there seems to be a problem here.

My resume indicates I have spent the last 29 years in architecture with a ton of technology experience. Since I have been around longer than computers I was forced to learn and being the curious type I was always trying to make the thing do something it was not meant to do. Thus, a cover letter indicating a change of direction in my professional life and apparently confusion has ensued.

It seems job search directories do not know how to handle a change of careers. It appears when you try to change fields they are not sure about the search parameters and just spit out jobs. Just the other day I received my weekly job matches and this is what I got.

I received four notices for insurance sales positions. No base salary, no benefits, just the glorious title of insurance salesman. You can advance to a sales management position but it paid the same with the same benefit package. I guess this qualifies as architecture, build your own career.

I was also matched with speech/language therapist, firefighter, Japanese speaking purchasing agent, and my personal favorite, a Big Lots store manager. Can you tell me exactly how any of these fall into either category I have experience in?

If they knew me they would know I do not speak with the greatest of easy, this is why I write. My father was a fireman, how did they know that? I do not speak Japanese and what exactly are they trying to purchase? I thought they made everything they needed?

Big Lots store manager, ever seen those awful photos of Wal-Mart shoppers? Well, I have learned that if Wal-Mart doesn't have it, they go to Big Lots. How do you keep your employees from rolling on the floor laughing?

I have had to revise my resume and remove all contact information except my email address; those sales people are ruthless. I will continue to my search regarding lucrative employment, I just will continue with a new bit of wisdom.  Job search directories are not for job searches but rather for laughter to keep your morale up.



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