iPad and Modern Conveniences

Friday, May 14, 2010

So you are thinking of purchasing an iPad, are you sure about that? Have you looked around the house lately and noticed all the other must have devices that now sit abandoned? Do you recall why you had to have those modern conveniences?

No I am not in the market for an iPad, I am using this as a metaphor. When I look around my house I see a history of “Had to Have” items that for whatever reason have lost there appeal. Modern advancements that where sold on the premises of being the latest and greatest must have items in their time.

Take the dishwasher, it was suppose to be a time saver for kitchen clean up, it was suppose to be rinse, load, run, unload, done. But it actually is none of this. What I find is rinse, sink and that is where it stops. Like it came with an auto load feature and a remote to run it, I wish. How is this more convenient?

The new fancy washer and dryers are wonderful, if you are a techno geek. Once you figure out the controls you realize these machines do everything but sing Dixie and yet they will not return my clothes to my closet. This is the feature I am most longing for. I have come to affectionately refer to my laundry room as the spare closet. I guess the convenience here is I get two for one, for one I get to go on a scavenger hunt and two I get the prize of finding my shirt.

The same can be applied to my paper shredder; two for one and had I know this I would not have purchased Jenga. It seems that with our paper shredder you must first create a two-foot high stack of items to shred and then apply the same rules of Jenga to begin the actual shredding process. I do not think this is what the manufacturer had in mind.

I could go on and on about these modern conveniences and all they were suppose to do for me but this is not the lesson to learn here. The lesson here is while yes, we continue to advance and make our lives simpler and more user friendly it will never be as advertised. Today’s conveniences will most certainly be tomorrows headaches.

So do I really need an iPad? Nah, if I’m to lazy to play my Wii, turn on the stereo or DVD player, pick up my photo album or carry a printed book; then I definitely do not need a machine to be even lazier. How about you? You need a machine to be conveniently lazy?

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