I'm in Thought Preview Mode

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I have this blog category titled “Random Thoughts,” which I meant to be more of a miscellaneous catchall category. Today I fear it has a whole other meaning; it is not a category but rather a state of mind. Ever had one of those days? A day where no matter how hard you try to focus your thoughts seem to be in preview mode? 

Preview mode of thoughts is unlike watching movie previews. Movie trailers generally give you the best, most catching parts of the entire movie. Thought preview mode is nothing like that, it is more like having a light bulb with a bad connection. Light, no light, let me show you.

My thought was that redneck men are actually proud they look like they live in a time warp. Which lead to; woman will proudly tell you what drugs they consume while men gladly will tell you how much it rained.

Speaking of rain, how much does it have to rain before I bale my yard instead of mowing it? No correlation just a short in the connection but I’m glad Ms. America has the fall back, recession proof career of pole dancing. I think it shows planning for the future on her part.

Then I ask myself; if we are searching for political reform why did Kentucky elect a candidate that his own party tells him to stay out of sight? Exactly when did we start to believe public pools are clean and people do not pee in them?

Animals, poor furry creatures; I did not know bears used doors, so yes, I would assume round doorknobs confuse them. Some sick individual has had sex with a fish and given it herpes. Yes, these are news stories I did not make them up.

As you can see preview mode while thinking can lead you to almost anywhere and you have to be careful. Imagine what post title you would have read had I written about my four leading topics. Which are the fish, the Kentucky political candidate, rednecks and the pole dancing Ms. America?

Kentucky politician declares “I’m not against civil rights; I married a fish.” Ms. America visits Redneck bar and receives enough tips to open male makeover clinic.

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