Blog Interrupted

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I wanted to put a post out there for all who may be trying to follow this blog. It would seem Google Feedburner is having some real issues and I fear that you may not be receiving what you signed up for.

Apparently if you are using AOL you have suddenly stopped receiving posts, AOL does not want to play with Google. If you are following this blog through a reader for some weird reason you simply get a screen that sits blank trying to load. I fear this problem is also the reason for delay in facebook postings.

I am a Blogger not a computer expert but I will do my best to figure this situation out. I ask that you be patient and should probably visit the actual blog site until Google gets its act together.

Please continue to read "Trying To Get Over The Rainbow," and if you have experienced any problem with this blog by all means LEAVE a COMMENT.

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