Mother's Day: For My Mom

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Today is the day in which we pay homage to those women who have sacrificed, suffered and worried most of their lives over us, their children. Today the flower prices soar and restaurants have not one empty seat but does Mom really want this? Does she really want material gifts or the gift of knowing she was a good mother?

Today I will give the gift I feel my mother would want most; knowing she was a good mother. That she did a remarkable job with very little material to work with; I know I was a handful. I want to let her know I was really listening, that I retained so much more from my informative years, more than her just being a mother.

She instilled morals and values in me without me even knowing it. Lying, cheating and stealing were punishable offensives that had severe consequences. Though I’m sure I tested these rules I do not recall doing so, I just held on to what my mother taught me. Today I am a better person all because of my mother.

My mother taught me work ethic; if it was good enough to have, it was good enough to earn. Skating by was not an option, it was to always work hard and do your best. To her I send the knowledge that not one single job that I have ever had did they not say, “She is a hard worker.” Thanks mom, you don’t find that much anymore.

 My mother taught me to love people for who they are and not what people think they are. She is blind to skin color and social status, thus teaching me by example to look beyond the book cover and see the wonderful story inside. She taught me people are like jewels and that they all should have a place in your crown, flaws included.

One of the most powerful things she taught me was to believe. Believe in myself, believe any thing is possible, and to believe I can do what ever. This has come in handy on numerous occasions in my life. Every time I am faced with some new or unforeseen hurdle I can hear her say, “You can do this.” Some how I always do.

The most beautiful thing she taught me was the ability to laugh. I should search for humor and then embrace the laughter found in all situations. If you can find that, the sun will shine and suddenly things begin to look brighter.

I will not write a book on all the things my mother has taught me but I hope it has become apparent that I have learned my lessons. That the lessons she taught me made a good child (some what), an even better person and for this I am ever so thankful.

I hope this day is special for her and the world does not interfere with her day. I hope today she finds another person to be a jewel in her crown and that the laughter she enjoys today causes the sun to burn until midnight.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!


mamadew1 said, 

Thank You for all the kind words but you had all these attributes inside you. Your words were like gold to me because there are times I feel I failed you and I'm sure I have but it was not done on purpose. I just wanted people to love you as much as I loved you and to see the wonderful gift God gave me and that was YOU!

May 11, 2010 at 5:53 PM  
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