What Would Our Grandparents Say?

Friday, April 30, 2010

Last night as I lay in bed watching the late news on Fox I was struck with a sudden realization about our great nation and its allies. The realization was that our allies and us have advanced so far we now have forgotten where we have been. Can you imagine what your grandparents would say should they be here today? Do you really think they would be proud of us?

As I listened to the announcer bombard me with the rhetoric of the day my mind wandered to stories I was told as a child. Stories that at the time were used to either make me behave or put a fear in me regarding something I knew not to fear. What I would learn later in life amazed me; one I had paid attention, I retained those stories and two, they were not stories at all. It is the lineage we all come from, it was the thread in our global fabric we seem to have unraveled.

That lineage arrived from a common moral cloth that the entire world seemed to be wrapped in. That moral fabric was woven with duty, honor, courage, love for family and country, and above all responsibility for ones self. Somewhere along the way to all our modern technological advancements, the “I cannot wait” conveniences, and the texting rather talking; we unraveled that cloth.

We no longer possess the emotional capacity to have duty, honor and by no means courage. Duty is something the other guy has in a feeble attempt to make us happy. Honor has been replaced with expected and courage? Courage was lost when the cowardly lion reached Oz.

The love of family and country has been forgotten. Family has been replaced with video games, computers and movies, anything that does not require human interaction. We Facebook and Tweeter, we do not stop by and visit any more.

The love of country has been replaced with a monetary value. For those running our countries today have been put there by money, not the people. Whether it is a financially huge organization or lobbyist group our leaders are mere pawns and have no idea who the common man is. We are now merely viewers to a world of marionettes.

The last moral is the saddest to see go, responsibility for ones own self. No longer are we held accountable for our own actions nor do we hold others accountable. Our word has no meaning, our actions have no consequences and excuses are the order of the day.

So I ask you, do you really think our grandparents would be proud? Do you really think the generation that came right out of the great depression and went straight into World War II would be happy with what we have done? Do you really think they would understand a world they united to fight a common evil that now cannot even agree on the place to meet?

Regardless of how dated and passé, I will hold onto my morals. I will hold out faith we can reweave that fabric and I pray we are not heading to where we have already been.



The past generation would shake their heads and say, "What has happened to our world." You don't have to be from a past generation to know that the world is slowly destroying everything this country was founded on. There are some good people but we turn our heads instead of shouting that we want our country back. It only takes one person to make changes so maybe we had better start shouting.

May 1, 2010 at 10:43 AM  
mamadew1 said, 

Great writting maybe some of the younger will get the message

May 1, 2010 at 2:51 PM  
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