Reform and Stimulus: Okay that is misleading

Monday, April 5, 2010

There are two words I have heard repeatedly in the last several months that I definitely have a problem with how they are being used. “What are those two words,” I hear you asking. Well, let me tell you; they are the words “Stimulus” and “Reform.” I do not know what lazy person in Washington just picked these words out of the air but they should have at least looked up the definition of the words before they applied them to government programs that neither stimulate nor reform.

When you look at the word stimulus it simply means to stimulate. Following the word path and look up stimulate you will find the definition as to cause a reaction in the body, to motivate or encourage. I can honestly say I think they did use the word correctly; they just did not obtain the results they intended. In fact, most Americans had a reaction in their bodies; oh, it sparked motivation and down right encouraged the nation to respond to the first two parts of the definition.

I know for me my body definitely reacted to the sound of my tax dollars being flushed down the banking toilet. My body sort of went rigid and I suddenly could hear the pounding of my heart in my ears so loud I thought we had a lost marching band on our street. After all, the financial industry had to be bailed out last year in order to turn a profit this year. Not to mention the stimulus package is now providing us with a new four lane road where there use to be an alley, and the purpose? It use to serve as the launching pad for our Fourth of July fireworks display, I guess the fireworks did not provide enough stimulus.

It has motivated and encouraged every left wing group in the country to say enough is enough and opened the door on those groups to collectively apply their definition of stimulus, which to me is not very encouraging. If they had just said this is a “give to the rich act,” maybe we could have swallowed it. Which brings us to the definition of the word “Reform.”

Reform by definition means to improve by removing faults or to give up bad behavior. Exactly how has any American reform act been anything close to reform? Throughout our countries history many programs have been started and repealed in an effort to better some form of social stigma. The problem is we are at a point where the word “Reform” no longer applies, nothing new is being proposed. As the educated Americans we are we, we must realize what our government is really trying to say is “rearrange.”

If you watch how they tackle a reform it is not by the definition of the word reform. They do not remove the faults of in-place programs they merely rearrange them. When the same program encourages bad behavior it is not given up but rather it becomes a selling point as to why it must remain. There was an acronym that came out of World War II, “S.N.A.F.U.” which means “situation normal all fouled up.” I think our government took this to be a national motto instead of the joke about them it was meant to be.

Let me use these words in a personal context. For stimulus I will look to my eldest furry friend for definition. She does provide, without any strings attached, the reaction required for my body to get up, be motivated and while doing her happy dance, encourages me to take her out to play ball. Now that is the definition of stimulus.

For reform I will stimulate my furry friend to curb the happy dance routine. It is a bad habit that puts all glass objects in the house in danger every time she gets wound up. Should the stimulus work I can once again place glass objects down at tail height from the floor, thus obtaining a reform that works for all of us.

I will close this post by reiterating the word reform really means rearrange. The word stimulus is meant as blood pressure check and yes our country is still “S.N.A.F.U.”

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