Virginia Nude: Parade or Fashion Show?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Virginia man acquitted of indecent exposure; did you hear about this? Six months ago this man was arrested because in his own home he felt the urge to parade around naked, problem was two women had pulled a seat for the parade, one with child in tow and did not rate his display as favorable. The entire case was based on intent to expose not the right to bare arms in ones own home.

While both women felt this met the definition of an emergency and dialed 911 only one lifted a pre-selected finger to give the gentleman the lowest of ratings. Makes you wonder what did they really expect looking in their neighbor’s house so early in the morning? This poor man has spent the last six months of his life, not to mention the money, to clear his name, all because two women choose to peek in. The entire article reminded me so much of my great aunt and her knowledge of the exact happenings of her surroundings it made me laugh.

She knew every person on her street, what time they went to and came from work, she even knew what relatives were welcome. Should there be a question while on her watch about a person, place, or thing, out the door she would go in search of the answer. I can remember one day she had a headache and I wanted to shut the curtains to block the light, no way, she could not see what was happening. I can only imagine what would have happened had she witnessed such a parade.

First, she would have gasped and replied, “Well, I never,” then the reality of what she had seen would set it. For her there would be no need for dialing the police and out the door she would have gone. Next she would explain to this gentleman was not raised that way and asks, “what would your mother say?” Should this not work I know the following tongue lashing would have left the gentleman muttering; “Yes, ma’am,”  “no ma’am it will not happen again” and “yes ma’am I can find my pants.” She would not tolerate anything that deteriorated what she saw out her windows.

It makes me proud to say I have been blessed with such strong females in my life and sad that these women apparently have not. It is also worthy to point out that a nude man in his own home does constitute an emergency. So what is the moral to this story you ask?

If you select a seat for a parade don’t expect to see a fashion show.


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