Florida Girl Found Alive: There is a Lesson Here

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

There is more to the story than a young, mild autistic girl being found safe in a Florida swamp. The story began with a nature walk and ended with an entire community searching and praying for what eventually became a happy ending. Her rescuer praised the Lord for leading him to her and his prayers were answered but there is so much more here.

Let us look beneath the mere act of the simple nature walk. To you and I that simple walk would have ended at the swamps edge, we would have feared the unknown but not Nadia. This is where we find the underlying message to this entire ordeal.

We as adults know it hurt as the branches began to scratch her extremities and the mosquitoes began to attack her bare skin, but she persevered. Persevered regardless of the obstacles encountered along the way, she was determined to venture into that swap in search of nature. We as adults have forgotten how to have such desires and then the fortitude to go after those dreams. We feebly aspire to have the strength required to over come any obstacle thrown at us in an attempt to achieve our hearts desires.

Once this little girl realized she was lost she did not panic, she simply sat down and waited for help. As adults we would have freaked out, doubted the decision to follow our desires and basically killed ourselves trying to undo what we felt was a bad decision. A child knows no bad decision, only a lesson learned. Maybe if we, as adults, spent more time practicing what we teach our children we would be reminded of this fact.

As to her rescuer, he too has a message for us. Whether you believe in a supreme being or not is not the point. The fact is we all have an inner being and yes it does talk to us; the point is we don’t always listen. From this man we learned what happens when we do slow down, take a deep breath and listen. Dreams, desires and the path to get there can be found.

What I wish and hope that you take from this post today is; dare to dream, fear no obstacle, stop to listen, and know help will come. Just remember to take insect repellent.

PS. My grandmother found her purse, she hid it from herself. It took four us searching to find it.

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