Cyber Peepers: Who Are You?

Monday, April 26, 2010

We would like to interrupt this blog post for a special announcement. It has come to the attention of this blogs manager; Fragile Mouse, (Frag-a-lee Mouse)  that you the readers are basically unknown.

Fragile noticed all the recent hit indicators on the world map and asked who you were; I did not know. Not the answer she was looking for and I received a bark lashing, followed by her refusing to play anymore. In an effort to restore order in my house and to better understand the readers I have compiled a small 10 question survey. Participation in the survey is optional but requested and you may respond to one or all of the following questions.  If you are ready here goes:
  1. Where are you located? (Names are optional)
  2. Do you prefer blind dates or speed dating? I guess you could prefer speedy blind dates but let’s keep it simple.
  3. Does the toilet paper go over or under?
  4. Can I wear shoes in your house or do I need new socks?
  5. If I Google your house, will it find it? Google does not know where the Emerald city is and it tells me I have to swim to London.
  6. Are you computer savvy or do you just have a savvy computer?
  7. Are you a cyberpeeper or a follower? Cyberpeepers are those who just hit your blog to raise the bounce rate, followers counteract the peepers.
  8. Do you walk your pet or does your pet walk you? (Children are included)
  9. How did you get to this page? Do you feel you belong or were you misguided by some search engine.
  10. How do you get to the Emerald city?
If you are unsure as to how to respond let me explain. Look down to the end of this post; see those blue icon thingies, click the one on the left that says “Comment” beside it. A window will pop up where you can enter your responses. Select whether or not you want me to know who you are and hit “Publish Comment.” That’s it, you are done.

Fragile Mouse wanted me to thank you in advance and is now off searching for her ball. I look forward to letting her know who exactly is leaving all those red dots on the map.

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