UK Wins SEC: My furry Friends Don’t Care

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh, March Madness! The whole thing just brings a smile to my face, especially since Kentucky is back in the respectable category. In the past two days I have jumped, clapped and shouted my furry friends right into hibernation for the month. I’m sure by now the neighbors are thinking someone is getting beaten and robbed in my house. Little do they realize the fun is just getting started.

Yesterday, Kentucky took on their rival opponent Tennessee and from the onset I was screaming at that inanimate object in the corner of my living room, the television. I do not know why I think screaming at it helps or if I really believe it my team will win because I scream, but I continue to scream. At half time I noticed the neighbor covertly walking his dog and peeking a glance at my house. This was when I realized I must have been heard from the street. Grumpy old man; should have been watching the game anyway.
Now being a softball player I have a tendency to throw things. As Tennessee hit a three pointer to go up by six I proceeded to let the hand full of peanuts go flying towards the inanimate object. As the peanuts went flying my furry friends decided a piñata had been broke on their behalf. All three went flying to retrieve a treat; I went flying trying to retrieve the objects I had flung.

As the game progressed I noticed my furry friends had started to position them selves further and further away from me. It wasn’t until we hit a three pointer and I screamed “three” for joy that I noticed all my friends exiting the room. All three looked back at me like I had stolen their treats and been hit by a skunk, why can’t animals understand basketball?

Today, Kentucky took on Mississippi State for the S.E.C. championship and today I started a new pre-game preparation. Before the game got started I closed all the living room curtains right off the bat. If the grumpy old neighbor wants see he can buy a ticket.

I went to the furry friend toy box and placed the entire toy box next to my chair. If I felt the need to throw something it should be something they understand and enjoy; I just had to remember not to throw it at the television. As for the screaming, well, I tired to warn them ahead of time.

I must say, for the most part my strategy worked. No one could see this crazy, little, white woman go wild during a great game and overtime. I did throw things and am very proud to say not once did I forget and hit the television. I did however drive away my furry friends a couple of times, yet after a short break they did return. Of course they did, after all they too were breed to be Kentucky fans.

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Wow, you are one crazy lady. Please don't ever stop writing.

March 15, 2010 at 11:25 PM  
Jules said, 

Thanks, Anonymous. I will do my best. Please stop again.

March 16, 2010 at 7:39 AM  
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