Kentucky: Fact and Fiction

Sunday, March 28, 2010

In the last two days I have read numerous negative articles written about my home state of Kentucky. Today I wish to provide you with a list of facts and fictions about the bluegrass state and its inhabitants. This way when you read a slanted article about our state and its peoples you can have a true sense of fact and fiction.

Fiction: We do not marry our relatives. We reserved that right to the state of Tennessee many years ago. Neither are we bare foot and pregnant. The statistic is skewed due to number of illegal aliens in our state. Shirts and shoes have been required here for many years; however, pants have always been optional.

Fiction: We do not ride mules to school, though that would be the “green” thing to do. Besides we prefer thoroughbreds in this state and they are to high strung to ride in traffic.

Fiction: The mere idea we have no culture in this state, why just yesterday I saw Elvis having grits at Cracker Barrel.

Fiction: The grass is not blue. That is a Yankee optical illusion. Take off your designer blue tinted shades when you cross the state line and it will look normal.

Fiction: Our license plate does not say “Ohio.” That would be the navy invasion from the north keep in mind it is a seasonal invasion.

Fact: We are behind the rest of the country. That is because we let the rest of the country make fools of themselves first then we decided if it worth having, doing or implementing.

Fact: We do speak with an accent but so does the rest of the country. Don’t tell me you can’t pick out a New Yorker?

Fact: We do still make moonshine. We don’t drink it, we sell it to tourists and then stand back and laugh at them trying to catch their breath after they drink it.

I hope this has cleared the air on some misconceptions about our state. I ask that you use this as a guide when reading derogatory articles about us. Do not judge a book by its cover. 

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Simplex said, 

Your facts and fictions are great. I'm from Kentucky too. Grew up all over the place 'cause Dad joined the Marine Corps right before I was born and retired right after I moved out. But, in the end, I'm back in the good old KY.

Have you watched that show Justified? I've watched the first 3 episodes and it's not too bad. It's obvious to anybody in the state they didn't film down here or even do much research other than a little googling. But, they did admit as much before it came out. The writers don't come right and speak stereotypes, but they're implied. There's white supremacists in Harlan County and cousins sleeping with cousins. All in all, if it stays on another season, I hope they learn another road than Tates Creek Rd.

March 31, 2010 at 5:38 PM  
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