Senators Delay and Bunning: Frick and Frack Ride Again

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I will start by simply apologizing up front for the politics or maybe I should be apologizing for the lack of politics, I’m really not sure which it is anymore. Either way you look at it what our government is doing and even more what we are saying about what our government is doing should be viewed as an embarrassment not a debate topic.

I just read an article (tom-delay-jim-bunning, Huffinton Post) of Senator Tom Delay stating that Jim Bunning should be applauded and that Americans on unemployment basically are just lazy. I’m not sure which part of this statement offends me more; the fact that one man from Kentucky who individually put 5 million Americans livelihood in jeopardy and someone called him brave for this action or the fact that a Senator can be so out of touch with his union that he thinks 5 million Americans are lazy and are being encouraged to not look for work.

Where did we find these guys and even more startling, how did we elect them? There is no part of Senator Bunning’s actions that could be construed as brave, applaud able, or even humane. The good Senator stood on paying a debt that I can find no evidence he knew anything about. There have been much larger, much more drastic spending legislator going on in Washington that the good Senator had no problem with. I found this Senators action a hard pill to swallow let alone what ensued.

For another Senator to call the action, “brave and applaud able” was a little too much for me. But it was what he ended the article with that totally made me slap my knee and shout, “this guy lives in a bubble.” Senator Delay suggested that unemployment extensions encourage workers to not seek work and  that studies have been done to show that the unemployed just stay on unemployment. I do not recall in my lifetime a recession that goes so deep, across so many areas of commerce, that a study could prove this to me now. Unless, this study was conducted in an area of all medical employers, the town was full of doctors and nurses and was done within the last year, ah, just forget the survey and the Senators.

Here is the main point to the entire article I read; 28 pages of comments followed the article from people like you and I arguing over Democrat or Republican. Folks, the party you decide upon is not the issue. Both sides of the fence have, once again, have proven they possess both positive and negatives. We as a people have to find a way to get these politicians to realize it is not the politics we are interested in any more; it is the policies.

We are interested in what the government is going to do to ensure the American way for today and future generations to come. We do not care, nor want their back door deals. We do not want lobbyists deciding what is best for us today or in the future. We have to call this government back to point, put them on notice that this is what we expect and we do not give a hoot what party they are affiliated with.

Here is my closing question; can we just impeach the entire Senate and Congress and put the voting back to the American people? Seems democratic to me.

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