Healthcare Reform: hum?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today is the day, it is a sink or shut up vote for the Senate regarding healthcare. I am sure however, the average American has no idea what this vote is truly about, those opposing it have even less of an idea and those actually voting just do not have a clue.

I personally am having a hard time with taking a stand for either side. I agree we do need some form of healthcare reform but I’m not sure the proposed bill touches on what is really wrong with the situation. The amount of Lobbying money that is being spent on either side of this issue, seems to me, would go along way to pay for a good chunk of healthcare.

The comment I hear the most is in regards to the fear of existing healthcare price hikes. I respond to this by asking the following questions, “Do you personally pay for it and how much do you weigh?” It seems to me that if the existing healthcare system were so great we would not be known as the fattest country in the world? What makes matters worse are the people paying for this healthcare (your employer) are encouraging this behavior and even more exacerbating is the insurance company you are fighting for has the right to dictate how your doctor can treat you.

What happens to those Americans that are unemployed and cannot pay or even obtain healthcare? Why is it a person on Medicare gets billed one rate, while a person with insurance gets billed another? Doesn’t this seem broken to you? Does not it seem wrong that the richest country in the world cannot provide the most basic of care for its citizens and not put them in the bread line doing so?

I do agree the government should not carry us on its back and we should make our own way but I do believe this entire debate boils down to money. The insurance industry across the board is greedy and varies its rates based on what? The doctors base their fee on what they can charge to make a profit and base that fee on what type of coverage you have. Seems like a medical money pit to me.

I do not have an answer to this situation and I really do not understand why the Senate has to make deals to tackle any topic in Washington. I think we have a Senate and Congress that should use their own healthcare a little more often. Adult A.D.D. does have a cure.

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