Tea Party Movement: Left or Right?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tea Parties are they truly looking out for our best interests? What really is the mission of this movement? The platform as I understand it has been to take back our government and return America to the people, to stop government spending and allow our children to have a debt free America. They run on moral values and ethical government, come on, really?

I find it hard to believe that moral, ethical and government can even be used in the same sentence. I look at the two republicans we have elected in our state and see two gentlemen that have done nothing that would allow those words to be tied to their names. Both have benefited vastly from their terms in office and neither have done anything to stimulate our states economy, education or transition into this new millennium. What I have seen is a lot of personal gain and profit with little attention being given to their constituents concerns. No ethics make for bad politicians.

Should the tea party movement be honestly trying to achieve a debt free America for our children then maybe they should look at what America has really become. We no longer produce the bulk of our own GOP; we then go one step further and offer deals to allow other countries to profit from our wants. We are not the captains of our own ship anymore. How do you stimulate an economy that makes nothing but paperwork?

By merely not spending and put a selected population out in the cold does not benefit our future generations. If you cut out the elderly and the unemployed you lose the majority of the population. I think the concept should be what could the tea party do to bring America back to America. The idea of taking America back is honorable but not truly attainable. Low morals make for a weak country.

If the concept is to elect officials to achieve this goal with the current platform, it will never happen. There is not currently a check and balance process in place. The people only have the recourse of electing new officials every two to four years. We should have a public option on congressional and senatorial doings, we need a way to be heard and hold these people accountable. Further more any lobbyist income provided an elected official should go into a general fund for the elderly and the unemployed, not an elected officials pocket. A bought government is not a government for the people.

I’m not opposed to the tea party movement, I just don’t agree with jumping on a bandwagon that has no real wheels. Just giving me the option of selecting another political side to me is not an answer. The answer to me is to start putting Americans first and stop giving the golden calf to everyone else. But, if you feel I am wrong then tell me your side. Tell me where I am missing the point; tell me why I should love tea right now.

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