North Dakota and The Moon

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Okay, I just read two news articles that I must say sent cold chills up my spine. We all have heard about the flooding occurring on the Red River in North Dakota and we all have heard of the moon. But did you hear FEMA is heading to North Dakota? Even more strange have you heard a group of California Preservations want to preserve the moon?

The idea of FEMA heading to North Dakota sends cold chills up my spine just like a used car salesman does when I visit a car lot. I lost all respect for the agency right after Katrina hit and it has done little to regain that respect. My fear is the used car salesman mentality FEMA sometimes projects.

I can just see the poor folks of N.D. being told, “Oh no, you don’t need to worry, we have plenty of options for you. Just look at this double wide.” “It has never been used, just like new, I can start the paper work today.” I wish the folks in North Dakota the best of luck.

Now, the moon. Apparently the new trend in Archaeology is to be a space archaeologist. A group in California has proposed the moon be placed on a list of historic places. They do not want someone driving over Neil Armstrong’s footprints. Did I miss something?

Since when did it occur that there was even a chance of someone driving over his footprints? Has anyone even landed on the moon lately and I guess the big question is who enforces this preservation act? Maybe this is part of California’s stimulus package, it would surely create at least ten jobs.

One to watch the moon, one to report the violation, 2 to type up the violation, 5 to supervise the first 4, and the last person just has no job description. But of course all these positions would require the applicant be bi-lingual since someone will have to explain to the other countries of the world why they cannot park their lunar lander there.

Maybe if we all had a legal marijuana law this would make sense to us as well.

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