Mississippi Prom Canceled

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Did you hear about the girl in Mississippi that wanted to wear a tuxedo and bring a girl to the prom, only to have the school cancel the prom? Well, in case you haven’t the premise was that since she wanted to bring a girl they would just cancel the entire school prom, now she is shouting foul. Needless to say I took an entirely different point of view on what truly was the real crime here.

I’m not going to discuss the whole girl date issue that is not what I have an issue with. Personally I did not care that she wanted to bring a girl, she could have brought her pet rock for all I care; I do take issue with her not being able to wear the tuxedo though. To me this was the real crime, though not headline stealing news. Come on, a tuxedo is formal wear, what was the problem?

I can remember having to wear a dress for my junior high prom; I was so uncomfortable and miserable I did not even attend my senior prom. I know there are girls out there that live for this sort of function; however, there are girls out there who think the opposite. They want to attend, they want to be apart of the whole high school memory thing; they just want to do it their way.

I look at it this way; a tuxedo is cheaper and can be returned when no longer needed. A tuxedo covers more skin area and black goes with anything. It is much easier to find shoes for and it has pockets, no need for a matching bag. Now if this, as a parent, does not peak your interest try this; it is not much fun at all to sneak under the bleachers with someone wearing pants and a cummerbund.

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