Hutaree: Lord I’m Not Ready

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fanatic social groups have been around for as long as this country has been here but this new one takes the cake. Calling them selves “Hutaree” or god warriors they believe the end of the world is here and that there is a real need to prepare. Doesn’t that seem like an oxymoron to you or is it just I? 

If it were the end of the world do we really need to prepare and didn’t we wait a little to long? I guess what I really should be asking is, are we going to truly need AK-47’s in the afterlife? If so I’ve been left behind, I merely own a pump shotgun and I now fear I’ll be out gunned when I get there. Not to mention I have no concept of how to make a homemade bomb; nor would I want to learn. I’m way to accident prone to be playing with the mixing of toxic chemicals. I do however, know how to make a homemade blowtorch. Again, it was an accident I had while visiting a friend. Never smoke around aerosol hair spray can, that’s all I’m saying.

The next fear that struck me about this group was my attire. Since when did The Supreme Being start wearing camouflage and face paint? I don’t know about you but I do not want to spend eternity looking like the small version of the golly green giant, ho ho ho. Besides this would make the afterlife like a green version of Avatar, doesn’t have the same appeal as blue. As to camouflage, I know the Supreme Being does not have a need for cargo pants, let alone tacky multi colored green ones. I always thought of my afterlife as that of wearing fine linens and silks not baggy cottons and canvas.

The last and probably the most perplexing question I had about this whole concept was why cops? Why target the one group of people that could assist you or even save you? If they were looking for the anti-Christ they need to head further east, say towards DC. I have never heard of anyone following a policeman except during a funeral procession. Besides did they really think the anti-Christ was going to appear in a small Michigan town as a policeman? Right, again, I saw Elvis in the Cracker Barrel eating grits.

If these people are truly religious I think they need to go back and do some more reading. What happen to “Love thy neighbor” and “Do unto other as you would have done to yourself?”

I would like to close by saying while I have poked fun at this entire situation it is far from humorous. The white supremacy groups we foster in this country are a very real and scary group of people. They are home grown terrorists that look like you and I. Just check out this link to the southern Poverty Law Center

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