Beautiful Women: Skin Deep?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yesterday, while channel surfing I stopped for a moment on the Oprah show to see Jessica Simpson. Apparently John Meyer dated her at some point and has told all in Playboy, which I’m sure was the catch line for the male viewers, however this was not the shows topic. The shows topic was about female beauty and the lengths women go to in order to become what they perceive to be beautiful. This post will be dedicated to the women who are in search of such a thing.

First, women must realize that women have a different set of rules to play by than men and most of these rules we have imposed upon our selves. We are our worst enemies at times and rarely give kudos to those who step beyond the rules. But for the purpose of writing this we will not address these rules, only acknowledge they are there.

There is this perception that beauty in women is either born or surgically created, neither of which is true in my opinion. It is true there are women who are born very attractive to the eyes but this alone does not make a woman beautiful. Take the model for example, who was very appealing to look at until she threw a phone at someone and suddenly became very unattractive.

We all have these preconceived visions of what beautiful women are or should be and that preconceived vision can vary as much as the weather. I would bet if you ask 20 different people (male or female) their definition of a beautiful woman you would have 20 different answers. Thus, the dilemma for all women.

While it is true 20 different people can have 20 different definitions of a beautiful woman, I wish to point out there is only one opinion that matters; the woman’s. It is only your opinion of yourself that holds doors open or closed; only you opinion that will make heads turn or bow.

Beauty in my opinion comes from within and projects its self outward, it is not in a dress size or a pair of shoes. It can not be found in a hair color bottle or on a clothing label. True beauty is found in the soul; the ”I am a million dollars, today” attitude, even if you are in your pajamas. It is when you look in your heart and you know you have let all that is beautiful out that your true beauty reflects in that mirror.

To me beautiful women do beautiful things, it is their soul that projects the real person, the real beauty. Beautiful women do not come only in  a size 1, they do not come in only designer clothes, they do not live in just the upper end of town, and beautiful women are and should be all women.

Beautiful women do beautiful deeds, they give without taking. They put smiles before frowns and wipe away tears. Beautiful women heal the hurts and encourage the journey. They do not shatter dreams or accentuate the negative.

We are the mothers of this world; we are the sisters, the friends, the shoulders all men cry on in this world. Do not sell your self short. NO man would be where he is without a woman, for that matter neither would us women.

So, I implore all woman to start tomorrow, while looking in the mirror for what ever daily routine you are about to embark upon, and ask yourself one question; “what beauty can I spread today?” You are beautiful you merely have to show the world.

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